Saturday Morning Mists

We had a cold front come in with temperatures dipping into the mid to low thirties yesterday morning and this morning, setting so records. No thank you, I have had my fill of cold weather for a few months. This morning I took my camera on our morning walk to catch the mists coming off the water. The water is much warmer than the early morning air creating some really cool photo ops.

This one is a great shot of a tree at the water’s edge off of a point and if you look closely right off the point a goose is standing just offshore in the shallow water.

IMG_4172 (1280x853)
It gives an ethereal view of the early morning, almost like I was deep in the bayous of Louisiana.

IMG_4176 (1280x853)
Poor lonely dock waiting for someone to come and sit a while.

IMG_4192 (1280x853)
The sun just coming up to burn off the morning mists.

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel

Spider Webs, Dragonflies and Butterflies

This morning was a beautiful morning, perfect for the camera. I got some great shots of the morning dew, nature and of course, Charlie and Orso.

IMG_2671 (640x427)
I found a few ground webs still wet with the morning dew. I couldn’t see the resident and didn’t want to get too close anyway.

IMG_2700 (640x427)
This web had a small grasshopper on a blade of grass above it. I couldn’t tell if the little guy was stuck or not.

IMG_2730 (640x427)
This was a beautiful dragonfly that landed for a brief moment.

IMG_2732 (640x427)
Another shot of the dragonfly.

IMG_2768 (640x427)
A small butterfly landed on a Black-Eyed Susan for some nectar.

I have a lot more to share this week. These were taken with my Canon Rebel and EFF 55-250mm telephoto lens.

Early Spring Morning Hike

We disturbed a very large bird from its’ perch on top of a power line.

  I didn’t get a good look at before it flew off, but it was big.

IMG_2200 (640x427)

Charlie was busy hunting in a dead cattail marsh.

IMG_2258 (640x427)

The creeks are still very low.  Pretty but we need more rain.

IMG_2271 (640x427)

Orso coudn’t get enough running around.

IMG_2231 (640x427)

It was a beautiful morning just after sunshine.  The dogs didn’t

stop running the whole time.  They had so much fun, they didn’t really

even mind getting a bath when we got home.

Now I have tired happy and clean babies.

A great start for an early Spring Sunday morning.

These photos were taken with my Canon using a 55-250mm lens.