Play Day

Our friends rescued a very skinny Belgian Malinois they thought was about a year old but it turns out he is somewhere around seven months to a year old. Once they got him home fed, rested and feeling safe, Eddy’s energy level raised. Eddy has the inexhaustible energy of an atom. No amount of walking, fetch and wrestling with the other two dogs, is wearing him our regularly. And to keep the other two dogs from eating him, we throw Orso at him and let them wrestle around. Orso is very good around other dogs but even he has his limits too.

IMG_3276 (1280x853)
Eddy is super fast and seems to glide over the ground

IMG_3334 (1280x853)
A rousing game of tag

IMG_3372 (1280x853)
Orso standing and assessing the day

IMG_3453 (1280x853)
Eddy looks vicious but that is just the Malinois game face

IMG_3458 (1280x853)
Orso had had enough and was going to show Eddy who was the big dog

IMG_3488 (1280x853)
Face off – looks scary but all in good dog fun

IMG_3499 (1280x853)
Charlie watching ready to referee if needed

Five Tired Puppies

Swimming was a huge success as usual.  The day was beautiful, clear skies, warm around 85° a bit windy though, which kept us from baking.  AJ couldn’t wait to jump off the dock and will jump into the water, retrieve the drop, swim back and race to the end of the dock to do this over and over until he is totally exhausted.  Happy and wiped out.  Charlie won’t jump off the dock but wades out until he can’t touch anymore then gingerly steps out and starts tentatively swimming until he remembers, oh yeah, I can do this.  He’ll retrieve the drop only if no other dog is close to him  in the water.  Strange dog, I know.  Orso will get in the water, paddle around to cool off then stand on the end of the dock wistfully watching the boats go by hoping someone will come take him for a ride.  He’s a gentlemen’s dog wishing for the good life.


Our friends dogs, Murphy a large German Shepherd, loves to swim just for the sake of swimming.  He will paddle around in circles, back and forth enjoying the moment, just being in the water.  Stella, a Belgian Malinois Chow mix loves jumping off the dock to retrieve a pink Frisbee.  She’s also good at retrieving the wayward drop or Frisbee that one of the other dogs gives up on.  We’ll just point at or throw a rock out where we want her to go and she’ll jump off and go get it just like a champ.   

The afternoon is not just swimming though.  Oh no, in between the dock diving and swimming, there is tag, keep away and MMA Style wrestling.  Charlie is the usual instigator of keep away, he’ll come out of the water with a drop in tow and take off running begging everyone to give chase.  Tail tucked, butt down and head up jinxing and jagging running around like a lunatic with three other dogs giving their best effort to run him down.  If one of the other dogs catches up with him, then the chest bumping and neck chewing begins.  Orso is the usual recipient of the neck chewing.  A rousing game a tag follows neck chewing, Orso runs away and the other try to tag him and drag him down.  Finally a cooling dip in the water rejuvenates the gang of hooligans.  This is repeated about three or four times before the dogs are finally spent and ready to walk back home for a bath and dinner.  Frosty pumpkin pops for dessert.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.  I wish my life was as simple.