Dragonflies, Herons and Daisies

IMG_2793 (1024x683)
Wild Flower

IMG_2798 (800x533)
Blue Heron fishing

IMG_2800 (1024x683)
Blue Heron flying away after he spotted me

IMG_2809 (1024x683)

IMG_2811 (1024x683)

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel

Spider Webs, Dragonflies and Butterflies

This morning was a beautiful morning, perfect for the camera. I got some great shots of the morning dew, nature and of course, Charlie and Orso.

IMG_2671 (640x427)
I found a few ground webs still wet with the morning dew. I couldn’t see the resident and didn’t want to get too close anyway.

IMG_2700 (640x427)
This web had a small grasshopper on a blade of grass above it. I couldn’t tell if the little guy was stuck or not.

IMG_2730 (640x427)
This was a beautiful dragonfly that landed for a brief moment.

IMG_2732 (640x427)
Another shot of the dragonfly.

IMG_2768 (640x427)
A small butterfly landed on a Black-Eyed Susan for some nectar.

I have a lot more to share this week. These were taken with my Canon Rebel and EFF 55-250mm telephoto lens.