Dreams Do Come True

Another attempt at fiction along the dark side.

Nadine was dreaming that she was floating again.  Soaring aloft high above the world below.  Free and light, she would turn by dipping a shoulder and dive toward the earth by pointing her head downward.  Nadine never felt more alive than when she was asleep.  No worries, no hurtful words spoken and no pain from heavy hands.  Nadine looked forward to going to sleep every night just to escape her daily life.

Rough, harsh hands grabbed her shoulders and pressed her to her back, jerking her awake.  Nadine squeezed her eyes shut tight knowing what was coming next.  She felt his heavy weight settle on top of her and instinctively tightened her body.  Tears started to creep out from her eye lids and roll down toward her hairline.  The man whispered softly in her ear, “I know how to make those tears go away.  I know what you want.”

Nadine held her breath waiting for the pain that would come but after long seconds, nothing happened.  She slowly opened her eyes to see a man she had never seen before looking down at her with soft eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight.

“I can make all of your suffering and pain go away forever.  All you have to do is ask.”

The man was very handsome, with a gentleness about him making Nadine feel protected and safe.  She had no idea how he could end her misery, but she didn’t care.  If he could help her, she was willing and eager to escape this life, no matter what the consequences.

Nadine looked into those glowing eyes and nodded her head, “Please help me.  I don’t want to live like this anymore.  Please.”

The man slowly lowered his head down toward her face hovering briefly over her lips, then shifted position and sank his long fangs into her throat, changing her life on this earth forever.

Demons and Dreams

Imagine being sound asleep blissfully dreaming about exotic locales with a handsome dark stranger, when you are rudely awakened to the sounds of a vicious dog fight in your bedroom.  There was growling followed by whimpering, then more growling and snarling followed with more whimpering.  It sounded like one of the dogs had gone off the deep end and was about to rip the head off of the poor victim.  I sat straight up in bed scanning the room ready to leap out of bed to stop the impending melee.

But none of the dogs were awake.  Once again, Orso was sound asleep dreaming of what I’m not sure, but doing battle with himself in his sleep.  He was like an actor in a play, playing two roles, the hero and the villain.  He was lying at the foot of the bed twitching and growling, then jerking his head back and whimpering.  It must have been an epic battle in his dreams.  I watched him for a few minutes fighting with his demon and crying because the demon was hurting him.  It was spooky and comical at the same time.  I stroked his back to calm him and hopefully save him from the demon in his dream. 

Orso finally stopped the fight, I wonder who won.  Now the real battle begins.  Will I be able to get back to sleep before the alarm goes off at 2:30am?