A Short Story for Sunday


Monsters are everywhere. Some are large and some are small. Some are mischievous and some are evil. Some monsters are tangible and some are not. Monsters can have great strength and tremendous power. But monsters can only do great damage if we let them. This is a short tale of a woman with a monster of her own. Below is one of her journal entries of her monster.

I am so tired of being in limbo. When will the monster free me? No matter what my head decides to do my heart sometimes is the stronger of the two. I have always thought of myself as pragmatic, but the monster, “Indecision”, won’t release its’ grip totally. I have moments when the monster is sleeping that I can accomplish many things in moving on, looking to the future. Then Indecision arises and I’m back where I started. Hoping and waiting for the impossible to happen.

I travel through the maze of my mind turning left then right trying to find the open door to the promise of the future. One turn looks promising and I can see the future through the veils of Indecision as he teases me by alternately lifting and lowering them. Asking me how much am I willing to give up to be able to move on? What is the right choice?

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Indecision mires my way with leaden shoes and steep hills to climb with the faint glow of hope just out of reach. Indecision knows that until I quit asking the same questions over and over, he still has the sharp talons of fear deeply imbedded in my back. Talons tugging at my heart, never quite letting go. Indecision teases me by giving me moments of great inner strength and just when I think I can break my bonds and cross through the portal, he slams the door in my face.

I ask why, “Why can’t you let me go?” I rant and rave.

Indecision calmly answers, “You’re not ready to meet the promise of the future.”

A Bit of Fiction for Today

It’s way too cold to outside today so I came up with a bit of fiction for the day. I hope you enjoy it.

The Myth the Legend the Truth

The story goes like this; a long time ago there was a story about this mythological creature. The creature was rumored to wander the streets at night searching for a mate worthy of the creature’s efforts. The creature had a keen sense of smell and could sniff out the slightest hint of fear. The creature was also blessed with the vision of a hawk and could see through the best lies. But most of all, the creature had the ability to touch a man’s soul and change it forever.

One night while on the quest for the perfect mate, the creature came upon a man standing alone at the edge of a cliff looking out over the vast void that dropped down into a deep gorge. The creature spoke to the man and asked three questions.

The first question was, “What has brought you to the void?”

The man looked at the creature, sucked in his breath at the terrifying figure and answered, “I came to search my soul and find forgiveness for my sins.”

The second question was, “Were your sins against another man?”

The man raised his gaze to the creature’s eyes, and with an eyes wide open stare answered, “No my sin was much worse. I lost faith in myself.”

The third and final question was, “How will you restore your faith in yourself?”

The man bowed his head, reached his hand toward the creature and answered, “I don’t know. I’m not sure I’m worthy of a second chance. Who will believe in me if I don’t believe in myself?”

The legend of the story is that the creature reached out and touched the man’s hand and gave him the strength to find forgiveness in himself, so he could become a man worthy of the creature. The truth of the story was much different.

What really happened was that the creature so incensed at the man and his whining she pushed him over the edge into void and watched with a smile on her face as he dropped a thousand feet to be crushed by the rocks below. She then turned and walked away without a hint of remorse. There were many more men to pick from and surely there was one that was worthy of her.

Beware the Harvest Moon

Fiction for Tuesday


The harvest moon hung low on the horizon, orange and large, just coming up.  Adam ran along the trail enjoying the brisk evening air.  He always ran in the evening, fewer people around.  On this evening, as Adam ran he noticed a figure ahead walking in the middle of the trail.  As he got closer to the figure he noticed it was a woman, small and slim with long black hair.  He moved to the left to go around her, but it was as if she knew he was there and also moved to the left blocking his path.

Adam then moved to the right starting to get a bit frustrated and the woman moved to the right.  Adam pulled up just in time to avoid crashing into her.  The woman slowly turned around to face Adam with a slight smile on her face, amused that she had caused him to stop.  She had creamy white skin with pale blue eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight.  Adam choked back an irritated response to the woman who caused him to halt his run.

She took a step toward him and laid a hand on his chest and looked into his eyes, Adam felt frozen in his body waiting for her to say something.  This was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

The woman smiled slowly, leaned in close to his chest and spoke softly, “I’ve been watching you for a long time, waiting for the right moment to speak to you.”

Adam nodded unable to speak, wondering why this beautiful woman had approached him and why was she watching him?

The woman’s voice almost a whisper said, “I know much about you and want you to know me.”

Adam stood mesmerized but finally found his voice, “Why do you want to know me?”

The woman laughed softly, “Oh Adam, you are the man I want.  I have chosen you to be with me forever.”

“What, wait what are you talking about?  Be with you forever?  I don’t who you are or even your name.  How can you just say you have chosen me?”  Adam tried to take a step back but found that he couldn’t move away from her.

“Tonight is the one night that we have to walk this earth and choose a mate.  I choose you.  After tonight you will know an eternity with me.  You will learn all about me in time.  You will learn to love me and appreciate the gift I am about to give you.”


“No!”  Adam screamed but no words came out, he stood frozen unable to move as the woman moved in and wrapped her arms around him.  She lifted her face up to his and placed her lips on his.  Adam felt a strange sensation, like his body was growing lighter.  He looked down at the woman and watched as her face changed from beautiful to ugly with red glowing eyes.  Her fingers became claws with long razor sharp talons on the end.  The talons pierce his back ripping the flesh and shredding the skin.  The pain and agony of his back being shredded was nothing compared to the feeling of weakness, his heart pounded in his chest.  His heart exploded then Adam felt nothing anymore.

After a brief moment, Adam was gone with only a small pool of blood on the running trail.

Dreams Do Come True

Another attempt at fiction along the dark side.

Nadine was dreaming that she was floating again.  Soaring aloft high above the world below.  Free and light, she would turn by dipping a shoulder and dive toward the earth by pointing her head downward.  Nadine never felt more alive than when she was asleep.  No worries, no hurtful words spoken and no pain from heavy hands.  Nadine looked forward to going to sleep every night just to escape her daily life.

Rough, harsh hands grabbed her shoulders and pressed her to her back, jerking her awake.  Nadine squeezed her eyes shut tight knowing what was coming next.  She felt his heavy weight settle on top of her and instinctively tightened her body.  Tears started to creep out from her eye lids and roll down toward her hairline.  The man whispered softly in her ear, “I know how to make those tears go away.  I know what you want.”

Nadine held her breath waiting for the pain that would come but after long seconds, nothing happened.  She slowly opened her eyes to see a man she had never seen before looking down at her with soft eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight.

“I can make all of your suffering and pain go away forever.  All you have to do is ask.”

The man was very handsome, with a gentleness about him making Nadine feel protected and safe.  She had no idea how he could end her misery, but she didn’t care.  If he could help her, she was willing and eager to escape this life, no matter what the consequences.

Nadine looked into those glowing eyes and nodded her head, “Please help me.  I don’t want to live like this anymore.  Please.”

The man slowly lowered his head down toward her face hovering briefly over her lips, then shifted position and sank his long fangs into her throat, changing her life on this earth forever.

The Walk

The moon hung low on the horizon huge and very bright.  Walking down the road, the woman felt as though someone or something was watching her.  She tried to shake off the feeling and kept walking.  Cara just had to get out and clear her head.  She and Ryan were fighting more and more.  The fights were becoming more vicious and hurtful.  Cara was tired of the arguments and wanted to make some changes in her life.  All Cara wanted was some peace and balance in her life.

Deep in thought she didn’t notice the shadowy figure moving in unison with her down the road.  Cara rounded the bend and once again felt another presence.  She looked back over her shoulder but didn’t see anything.  Turning back around Cara came face to face with a tall ominous figure.  In the glow of the moonlight it seemed as if his eyes glowed in the dark staring intently into hers.  She tried to take a step back but was frozen in the road unable to move away from the fierce gaze.

As the figure reached toward her, Cara tried to scream but no sound came out of her open mouth.  Instead the figure leaned in and pulled her toward him lowering his head toward hers.  Cara felt his touch so tender against her lips moving down toward her throat, wanted to scream and be free but at the same time felt so alive, tingling with the anticipation of what was to come.  She felt his mouth on her throat caressing the skin, then a tingling sensation and suddenly she felt light and faraway.  As her life dimmed away she looked skyward and suddenly wished she hadn’t gone on the walk.