The “Goats” Are At It Again

Do you know how hard it is to get good insulated elk skin gloves at the end of winter?  You know one last cold snap and no one in town has anything.  It’s technically Spring for god’s sake.  Everywhere it’s spring clothing and swimsuits.  Winter is supposed to be a dim memory.  There was nothing wrong with my gloves, they were great.  They had that nice broken in softness, molded to my hands and kept my fingers warm on the chilly morning walks with the dogs.

It’s all my fault, but the dogs had been doing so good.  I let my guard down one day and just threw the gloves on the back of the dresser instead of putting them in the drawer.  We came home from work and there on the floor were the insulated insides of my gloves.  Only the insulated insides.  Must not have been very tasty.  No elk skin anywhere to be found.  Not even a scrap.  We looked on the bed, under the bed (even though our dogs have never seen the underside of the bed, they only sprawl all over the top), in the living room on their futon and under the futon.  No elk skin leather anywhere.  I couldn’t believe it.  We have no idea which dog or dogs enjoyed the morning brunch of soft tanned elk skin.  It must have been like chewing gum for dogs.

Now we have to closely inspect each dog on our daily walks to see if there is any evidence of my gloves.  Nothing like poop patrol.  The neighbors already think we’re nuts.

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