I Came to Hunting Late (last excerpt)

This is the final excerpt of the story

I had to get busy, because I had no hunting clothes.  So with the help of a sporting goods surplus catalog, we bought military coats and pants.  Nick gave me some hand-me downs and cast offs.  He made sure I was totally outfitted in a wide range of clothing options, depending on the weather conditions. 

My first hunting trip was a learning experience in more ways than one.  I carried a camera instead of a gun, and I recorded the day’s events as we stomped along.  The morning air had a brittle feel to it; that some loud sound could cause the very air to shatter.   I watched and absorbed.  I saw how they would line up to “work” a field or a draw.  The tall grasses made crunching sounds as I stepped on them.  I tripped over weeds that grabbed my ankles and fell in a few badger holes, but I hung in there and didn’t complain.  It was really important for me not to embarrass Nick or myself in front of his father and brother; who are hard core hunters and were skeptical about a woman in the group.

The only real drawback to the day was no toilet.  I enjoy being outdoors, but there are just some things that I need, and indoor plumbing is high on my priority list.  Privacy doesn’t exist in the outdoor world.  There is no easy or graceful way for a woman to go to the bathroom in the great outdoors. 

I kept up all week long to the amazement of all of the men except Nick.  Just being outside, walking around enjoying the day was great, but knowing that I passed the test with Nick was definitely the high point of the trip. 

As we trudged back to the truck side by side he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Next year carry a gun.”

Then I knew this was the start of a beautiful relationship.

I hope you’d enjoyed this story, I have many more.

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