A Short Insight to Charlie

We got Charlie as a puppy and with us has never known a day as an outside dog.  His daddy was a great big chocolate lab and his mom was a little German shorthair.  Needless to say he was an accident.  Charlie is small by my standards.  He weighs about 65 pounds (5 pounds too much) and favors his mother in appearance.  Long shorthair ears, short hair and pointer shaped head.  Charlie got his chocolate coloring from his dad.  He was such a happy puppy that loved all things.  He would run through the house with his ears flying back.  He had this wide eyed look of wonder,  until he was attacked twice by a neighbor’s dog.  Since then he has hated that woman and all of her dogs.  Her dog set him on a path of animal aggression  so bad at one point, we considered euthanasia.  We contracted a dog behavioralist who helped us learn to spot the signs of aggression and how correct them.  But we still are very vigilant with Charlie around other dogs and people.

As a hunting dog, Charlie is an excellent hunter.  He has a great nose, a beautiful point and fast as the wind.  Plus he has the energy to boot.  We have to continually call him back because he will range out too far and flush a bird almost in the next county.  He makes me look good in the field by his intensity in searching out the bird.  The dog never stops hunting.  Even at home on walks, he is always on the hunt. 

We have a hunting trip coming soon and have been working to get into “hunting form” again.  This past summer was such a hot one, we let the refresher training slide.  I think Charlie will be in fine form, with the cooler weather, his energy level has increased.

2 thoughts on “A Short Insight to Charlie

  1. Potter and Charlie think alike when it comes to the woman and 4 dogs! Could you share how to stop some of the aggression before it gets started?
    Susan, Have a great day. I enjoyed reading your stories. Your trips must be fun! I guess no matter what type of trip a women is going on, packing too much is always a given meeting our wardrobe standards!

    1. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading some of my stories. With Charlie, we could tell what was coming by the way his expression would change, the eyes, the tilt of his head. His head would lower, his ears changed position. It was a very quick and subtle change, so we have to continually watch him to read the signs. We try not to let him get too far away from us.

      Our trips are always an adventure.

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