Road Trip (2nd excerpt)

The plan was that we fly into Boston, catch a bus to some bus stop, wait for owner of the car to come and pick us up and drive us to some unknown location to look at the car and if all goes well we pay him the cash, load up the car and drive home.  I had never done anything like this, so needless to say I was concerned that we would fly halfway across the country to have our heads bashed in, robbed and left in a field to die by a serial killer like on TV.  I know, I watch too many cop shows. 

The owner of the station wagon showed up and was very nice, but a typical car salesman.  After some more haggling, we paid for the car, loaded up our luggage and headed out to the highway.  After driving the wrong direction for about 30 minutes, going toward Cape Cod instead of west to New York, we turned around and got on track to upstate New York.  Our road trips are always an adventure.  We don’t make hotel reservations and drive until we get tired.  I only have one rule.  NO creepy roadside motels.

The drive through upstate New York was beautiful. We were a little early, the first of September, so the trees hadn’t turned yet, but it was still beautiful.   I loved the Finger Lakes and all of the vineyards and wineries, I was in heaven.  We tasted many wines and bought lots of bottles of wine. You know me, stimulating the economy.   Good thing we had just bought a station wagon to haul all of my finds.  How timely. 

After the Finger Lakes, we drove up to Niagara Falls.  We got there late in the day and didn’t have to pay to park, or get in.  Which was nice.  There were still a ton of people running around taking in nature’s strength and beauty.  But no one was willing to ride a barrel over the falls so that I could take photos of the historic event.  And I take awesome photos.  What a bunch of wet blankets.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first excerpt and this one, come back for more.

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