The Gutting of the Bathroom Day 3

Day One didn’t go as planned.  I would have expected nothing less.  Mitch wasn’t done installing the new front door that we had to put in to fit the hole in the wall.  I forgot to mention that, sorry.  The new tub/shower we bought wouldn’t fit through any of the doors into the house, so in order to get the new tub inside, he had to remove the front door and cut a bigger hole in the side of the house so that the tub would fit through the doorway.  Mitch started that project two weeks ago and as usual, the three-day project took two weeks.  The original structure of our house was built in 1928, when the short people ruled the world.  Then an addition was added on in the 1930’s.  Whoever built the original structure and the addition used whatever materials were available and there were no building codes then.  The roof comes down and meets the top of the walls at right about six feet.  There is no way to put in a regular height door without a building permit and an expensive front entryway built.  So we did the next best thing, bought a solid wood door and cut inches off the top and bottom of the door so that it fit height wise.  There was still the width to worry about.  The original door was six-foot by thirty inches wide and did I mention it was an old fashioned homemade cabin door with a wooden slide bar?  Straight out of the 19th century.  Not the least bit in anyway energy efficient or even safe security wise.  So the door had to go.  I’ll post pictures.

I took out all of the shelves in the closets and tried removing the metal wall strips for adjustable shelving, but some of the screws were stripped and wouldn’t come out.  So I gave up on getting much accomplished on day one and decided to take the dogs for a long walk.

Day Two, Mitch worked on finishing up installing the new storm door and because the weather was so beautiful, I decided that it would be a good day to mow.  So I mowed the yard, pulled weeds, raked leaves and pretty much blew off another good day to work on the bathroom.

Day Three we actually got started.  Mitch finished getting all of the metal strips out while I pulled all of the trim off around the window and doors.  I pulled all of the base board out.  While Mitch removed the doors and door frames and knocked out the sheet rock that encased the closets I went to the plumbing store and picked up the pedestal sinks we had ordered..  We found the vent pipe from the furnace which will have to be moved from the outer corner of where the closet was and no longer is.  Mitch is getting his money’s worth out of his sawsall that I bought him.  I think that’s his favorite tool. 

Surprisingly, no fights yet.  Is this an omen or the lull before the storm?  I’ll keep you posted.