Summer Sizzles

It’s been as hot a summer as it was as cold a winter last winter, comparatively.  I’ve discovered that I don’t handle the heat as well as in the past.  I’ve never handled the cold well though.  There was a ton of snow and the cold lingered on and wouldn’t go away.  Even the dogs got tired of the cold and lingering snow.  We couldn’t wait for summer, everyone kept saying, “I promise not to complain when it gets hot.” 

We didn’t get to enjoy spring this year.  It was short lived and not very pleasant weather wise.  Too much rain each time it rained.  And I realized the other day that the year is half over and another winter is coming.  We could use some rain and hopefully the heat wave will subside a bit, but I’m not ready for winter.  And as far as I’m concerned, fall can wait a bit before it shows up.  The days move too fast.  At work each day you can’t wait til quitin’ time, one day closer to Friday and on Friday you can’t wait til it’s Saturday.  A never ending cycle.  I found myself wishing my life away.  And I’m too old to be wishing away what time’s left.  (I’m not that old, but too old to be wishing it away.)

So even though it’s hotter than hades right now, I’m not wishing for winter.

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