The Great Bathroom Remodel – Part 752

Well the first coat of paint is finally on the walls, which means that really soon the sinks can go in and the mirrors installed along with the lights above the sinks.  Mitch and Paul applied most of the first coat of paint for me while I was at work.  But they got concerned that the color was too dark and stopped until I got home from work.  I think that they just needed a beer break and paint color was a good excuse.  The color is perfect.  I think they just aren’t used to chocolate milk.  That is what the color is close to.  I showed Mitch that the color is great, by setting one of the cabinet doors next to the wall.  It looked really good.  He still isn’t convinced but he’s hunoring me. 

I’m hoping he’ll fall in love with it after all is said and done, or at least in like with it.