When the Weather Outside is Frightful



When it’s too cold to go outside, the best playground is our bed.  The favorite game is King of the Bed.


IMG_1062 (640x427)

“My Bed”

IMG_1059 (640x427)

“Just try and get up here”

IMG_1050 (640x427)

“Game on”

2 thoughts on “When the Weather Outside is Frightful

  1. You sure treat them as family. Lovely Susan.
    As a kid I had a pet dog – but Mother was quite clear that Johnny will not be a house pet. Poor Johnny – he slept in the chicken coop……Poor chicken 🙂

    1. We lost control years ago and now I think that they treat us like family and it’s their house. We just get live in it and feed them. They certainly are spoiled.

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