Just Another Monkey in the Show

I had to have the talk with Charlie. You know the talk where I had to explain who was the boss and who wasn’t. Charlie likes to think he’s the alpha dog in this pack and we have to remind him constantly that he’s not. Charlie sees it as his mission in life to be the tattletale on Orso. He used to rat out AJ before he died in December, but now he focuses all of his attention on Orso.

Poor Orso, who doesn’t quite get it, usually is standing there with a big sheepish look on his face, as if saying, “What! I didn’t do anything. Why is everybody looking at me?”

Charlie is a bully and we have to watch him carefully to put a stop to his bad behavior before it escalates, because it can and has. Orso, the recipient on the bullying, looks so pathetic after Charlie is mean to him that it makes me what to hold and cuddle him, to protect him. Of course with Orso weighing in at ninety-eight pounds, I cannot hold him. So he gets lots of hugs instead.

For anyone who didn’t know Charlie’s history, they would think he was a rescue that had been abused. But no, we picked out Charlie in a litter of three puppies. He’s known nothing but the good life from ten weeks old to his present eight years to date. Our supposition to his bullying and animal aggression behavior comes from being attacked as a puppy by a dog who was walking on one of those retractable leashes and was way too far away from the owner. It’s been downhill since then.

Just the other night, Charlie was sitting on the edge of the bed when Orso walked in the bedroom and decided that this was his room and Orso didn’t have the correct password. I had to explain to Charlie that he was not the ringleader here. He was just another monkey in the show.

In this three ring circus, I am the ringleader and there’s not enough room at the top for another one. I don’t share well with others.