Frosty Morning Romp

I took the dogs on an early morning hike or at least that was my plan, but when I pulled up to our regular spot there were other cars already there. That was when I noticed the large letters under the sign that said, “Dear Archery Hunting” and realized that we would be out there with men carrying large high powered compound bows. So in order to protect the dogs and me, we went elsewhere.

IMG_3641 (1280x853)
Orso looking dapper in his bandanna

IMG_3645 (1280x853)
Charlie in his bandanna

IMG_3650 (1280x853)
The sun peeking through the trees

IMG_3654 (1280x853)
A frosty dandelion

IMG_3664 (1280x853)
Tall foxtails

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel

10 thoughts on “Frosty Morning Romp

    1. Yeah but dogs were a bit bummed out. They know where we’re going and start whining and pacing in the car as we get close. So finding an alternate place for them that was fun and safe took a bit of searching.

  1. :…with men carrying large high powered compound bows…”

    As long as it’s not Dick Cheney with his shotgun 🙂

    The dogs are dressed for dinner, it would seem.

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