What a Tyrant!

I am married to a tyrant. It just proves the adage, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” or something like that. Anyway, I go and have a little surgery and now Mitch thinks he’s the boss of me. And he is certainly enjoying his new job, a little too much I might add.

“No, you can’t do this’ or “What are you thinking, of course not, you can’t fix breakfast.” “You had major surgery three days ago and was just released from the hospital one day ago, what are you thinking?” Granted I only felt like lying in bed and sleeping until this morning, but it’s MY JOB to take care of him and run the house.

If I start to get out of bed, he almost runs to my side of the bed and asks what I want, then pushes me back and goes to get whatever it is I want. The only thing he can’t do for me is go to the bathroom but if there was a way to accomplish that he would do it for me. He follows me around the house asking what I am doing or what do I need? God forbid I stand in one place too long, then Mitch gets really nervous and makes me go sit down or go back to bed. I think he is afraid I’m going to clean something or start cooking.

The dogs are glad I’m home. They give new meaning to the phrase, “Love me to death”. They were so excited to see me get out of the car, I thought they were going to crash through the door to say, “Hi, glad you finally made it. We missed you soooo much.” Mitch had to put leashes on them and take them for a walk to burn off some energy while my son and brother got me in the house and back into bed.

Now it’s a race to see who can get to the bed first and position himself close enough to be in the best snuggle position and not mow me down as they launch themselves from the living room in a race to be first. I’m telling you, two dogs weighing one hundred eighty pounds combined hurling through the air at you is the true meaning of terror. And then there’s Mitch right behind them trying fruitlessly to get control of the situation before he might have to take me to the emergency room and explain how I got squished.

As much as I complain about him ordering me around, I know it’s because he loves me and the longer I take to heal, the more likely he will starve. It would just be nice if he didn’t take so much pleasure being the boss of me. It is nice knowing that there he is taking care of me for better or for worse. But between you and me I won’t tell him that.

13 thoughts on “What a Tyrant!

  1. Some might call it bossy but with men they are clearly unsure of how to show their love and concern properly. They are worried and obviously your husband LOVES YOU VERY MUCH. Enjoy it, take your time getting better as for food there’s always take out or a couple of calls to well meaning friends. People show love in very different ways, feel grateful that he loves you so much. You deserve it. Laurie

    1. You’re right Laurie, he does love me very much. We have already had wonderful family and friends bring tasty meals over. Mitch is in heaven. I just love poking a little fun at him once in awhile. He always says he’s an easy target. I dearly love him and the care, it’s just that I have always been the caregiver not the recipient. It is hard to be on the other side of the bed.

      1. We sound alike, I bet if we lived next door to each other, we’d be popping into each others houses for coffee and of course, cookies. I was always the caretaker but when I got Fibromyalgia and an autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis) I had no choice but to let go and have help. Luckily my children were almost grown up by then!! But i’m not sure they remember the youthful me, when they were tiny and I was happy and had energy. It’s sad for me. But, we all do what we can….

      2. It is really hard to give in and let others take over the care giver role. I bet we would be best friends too. You sound like an amazing woman to go through what you are dealing with. You have an inner strength and I hope that helps you get through. My next cup of coffee I will think of you.

  2. Awwww! He loves you, clearly!
    Seems we have the same sort of man in our life; overly-solicitous when we are unwell, but still no clue how to deal with the canine(s)! Mine buys me tons of junk food when I’m not good – dare I ask if you have more sweets than you could possibly ever eat sitting close to hand?

    1. How did you know? He went to the store this morning and bought a large bag of Milky Ways. My appetite is slowly coming back and I’ve lost a few pounds, which is okay with me, and Mitch figures on helping with lots of chocolate.

      I’m glad you have the same type of hubby. More women need these kinds in their lives.

      1. I just had an inkling from your description that yours is a lot like mine 🙂 So used to us being in charge that they will do anything to make us better? Hahah, no, that’s not fair at all. Adorable, loving, and ready to do whatever it takes to get the good lady back on her feet and happy again!

  3. Did you have another surgery? Glad you are back home though..and thank God for your husband’s concern. True, you might be a little fed-up at the attention. Hope you get well again and resume your role of a caretaker

    1. A bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. Tuesday was a rough day. But I’m feeling much better today. A little tired from doing too much yesterday and that is why Mitch is such a tyrant. It’s his job to tie me down. My job is to make him crazy and I am very good at my job. Poor man is really a saint in tyrant’s clothing.

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