Phototog Saturday

I was playing with my camera and took some quick photos trying to get as close as I could to some blooms and plants with just my 18-55mm lens and came up with a few pretty nice shots. One of these days I want to get a macro lens and really play.

IMG_3949 (1280x853)
A daylily with an ant wandering around

IMG_3952 (1280x853)
Another shot of the same daylily

IMG_3960 (1280x853)
This a wildflower that I found, dug up and transplanted a few years ago, I keep forgetting what it is called

IMG_3971 (1280x853)
An Echinacea just starting to bloo,

IMG_3981 (1280x853)
A close up of a hens and chicks

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