One Week In

Well it’s been one full week here and adjusting to life in the Pacific Northwest. There have been a lot of adjusting for all of us. The dogs are trying to figure out what is going on, from one home totally chaotic at the end to no home staying a pet spa during the day and sleeping in hotels before getting on the road, to a three day road trip, sleeping in better hotels. Walks consisted of rest stop strolls along a busy highway. Now they have been thrown into apartment living, with people and dogs always close by and walks are done always on the leash, sidewalks and groomed landscaping. So far no place to get off leash and run until totally spent.

I’m going from a home I didn’t like but knew every corner to homeless spending time driving around trying to get everything wrapped up before a long tiresome three day road trip to coming to rest more than eighteen hundred miles away from the city and state where I lived my whole life. Apartment living here means no real privacy because of the climate, there is no air conditioning so everyone has their windows and doors open. I got to listen to a fierce argument between the couple in the next building at eleven o’clock the other night. The downside to hearing the fight was that the couple fought in their native tongue and I didn’t understand a word. How am I supposed to eavesdrop when I don’t understand a thing said?

Poor Mitch, he probably has the hardest adjustment of all of us. He’s been out here displaced since mid-May and has had to find a place to live that would eventually house all of us. He had to find where to shop, where to get gas and how to get back and forth to work and home all by himself. We have one couple living here that have been good friends for a long time, Mitch works with the wife and I worked with the husband, that live here and have been so helpful for him, but it is still a huge adjustment.

Now I come crashing back into his life bringing all of my chaos and lack of organization. He has had almost three months of orderly boring routines and all of a sudden there are messes in every room in our two bedroom apartment. Even though we still have no furniture or most of our personal possessions, which it seems takes longer to travel from Missouri to Washington than a 1995 station wagon with two dogs, I have managed to upend every room. I can make more and bigger messes than the best, I am quite the pro, so you can imagine adjusting to me again is taking its’ toll on Mitch.

The biggest adjustment overall is that now we are retraining the dogs to be better leash walkers. With all of the people and dogs squished into such close quarters we constantly run into other renters and their dogs. Charlie and Orso have not done well in the past with other dogs walking in their path. We always found an escape there and here there isn’t an escape. We have not been consistent with leash training and other dogs in the past and now we’re paying for it. Oh I forgot to mention the bicycles, there are bicycle riders everywhere. It’s very popular here and that’s another problem for the dogs. They lunge and try to charge the riders. Bad, bad, bad. I am trying to redirect their attention to me when we walk by carrying dog treats and feeding them to the dogs as bikes, walkers, runners or dogs are around. Of course after one week I can’t tell if it is working or not. I think that Orso has gained five pounds though.

I have decided that I want to move to a house that is secluded without so many people around. Now I’m looking online for houses that are a ways out, maybe in the booger woods and who knows maybe I will find one before our furniture gets here.

10 thoughts on “One Week In

  1. Susan & Mitch,

    I’m not sure which part of the Pacific NW you’ve come to roost, but, I’ve lived in Northern California for almost my entire life (born in CA, moved north at 18 to go to UC Berkeley, & never looked south again…). I’ve also traveled extensively all over Oregon & Washington, & lived in Washington for 4 years from 7-10 when my dad was in the Army at Fort Lewis. If you need any advice as to the culture, or how to get around, or what is where, feel free to ask…

    I know how hard it is to move to a new area; my dad was in the Army until I was 10, and we moved a lot. Since then, I’ve moved around just as much, having not found HOME yet….

    Good luck in any case…. I just figured out how to get notified via email for your posts, so I’ll be keeping up with them better….

    Take care, & Blessed Be…

    gigoid, aka


    1. Hi Ned
      I’m living in the Seattle area and even with the drought and watching the news about the wildfires it’s still very beautiful here. I am very excited about getting acclimated.

      1. Aye, it is. We lived at Fort Lewis, outside Tacoma from 1957 -60, & I remember the forests very well… The Cascades are quite a sight from almost anywhere there near Seattle, aren’t they?

        The drought is killing the ecosystem, but, I figure it’s normal for this part of the planet, historically… though not where you are. Northern California, and Southern Oregon, always experience dryness, but, Seattle should ALWAYS be wet… I hope it doesn’t last so long the forests can’t recover….

        Take care up there, & best of luck… I hear there a some good places to live on the islands off the coast, near the Sound, and the peninsula across the Sound from Seattle is supposed to be pretty nice, too…

        I’ll be by more often, so, see you later…


      2. University towns are always good; they’re usually more dog-friendly, too… There are a few good universities in WA, but, state colleges & so forth always have more progressive cultures, and, cheaper rents & property prices…

        Good luck!….

  2. Good luck dealing with all the adjustments – I am pretty sure 99% of my happiness in getting a house is no longer having to worry about Choppy dealing with dogs and the apartment. I hope everything is going well!

    1. Exactly we are always so careful with other dogs because most people don’t have a clue about greeting and socializing with other dogs. Besides I like my privacy.

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