OSHA Would be Appalled

My workplace environment is an accident waiting to happen. There are trip hazards, objects blocking all of the exits and concentration distractions. My daily commute is short, I walk from the kitchen in our apartment to my “office”, a desk holding my computer in front of the bay window in the living room. You would think that this would be super safe, no driving in rush hour traffic, no walking on sidewalks or crossing intersections, no climbing flights of stairs to get to your floor, just a very short fifteen foot walk to my desk. Oh, but then you would be very wrong.

First off I am quite capable of self-inflicted injuries all by myself. But now working from home I have more opportunities to do some real damage. Yesterday, I pushed my chair back stood up to turn and walk into the kitchen to refill my coffee cup turned and promptly tripped over Orso who was stretched out sound asleep right behind my chair. Good thing we have carpeting in the living room and my cup was empty. I’m sure somewhere in the OSHA handbook there is a clause about sleeping dogs.

Another hazard that happens here frequently, is the “hot coffee in the lap” danger, just like going through the drive through except I’m not driving.. That happened when Charlie came over and wanted to be petted just as I had lifted my freshly filled coffee cup to take a sip. He whacked my arm with his head to get my attention. He was successful. I guess I need to use my “to go” cup even here.

Working from home reduces the “Cube Farm” distractions, but there are still many other things to distract me. The worst distraction is the “I’m so cute rolling around here on my back, come scratch my belly” distraction. All of a sudden five minutes have gone by and the thing I’ve accomplished is now I have a boatload of dog hair on the carpet that I have to vacuum up. Oh well, stress level has dropped.

I wonder if the insurance company will lower my auto rates since I’m not driving nearly as much. Probably not, since my Alfac claims have gone up.

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