Dog for Rent

“One very large dog for rent. Extra-large dog weighing one hundred two pounds wants playmate of equal size and temperament. Dog needs to be willing to play tag and wrestle. Has to like being chewed on. I will even supply the yard if necessary. If interested, please call.”

That is how my ad will read. I’ve decided that in order to keep Orso happy and content, I am going to rent him out as a playmate to other dogs. I’m not strong enough to really play with him. He does not have the “soft mouth” labs are famous for, he bites down hard and one of these days, I’m pretty sure he’s going to break my arm. He’s faster than I am and has learned how to whip around on me and grab whatever is closest to him, whether it’s my leg or arm.

This morning he was in a playful mood and as I reached down to push him, he turned much faster than I expected and grabbed my right forearm and bit down. At first I thought he broke it, but after I pushed back my sweatshirt, I saw the hole and blood. How he can bite through fabric and break the skin, but not the fabric always surprises me. So now I’m sporting two bruises on one side of my arm and a large puncture wound on the other.

So in order to keep me in one piece and Orso tired and happy, I need to find him a playmate. I am not ready to get another dog, so renting him out is the next best option. So what do you think, any takers?

13 thoughts on “Dog for Rent

  1. To Orso,

    From one canine to another. Orso, baby, what are you thinking? Man, you never take a chance on breaking something that feeds you! If you aren’t careful your human will buy one of those training collar electric thingees and those are NO fun. Or Worse. Your human can start putting pepper or some other horrible tasting stuff on their clothes. Every time you nibble them you have a bad tongue day. Your human sounds very nice. Don’t be a canine rectal aperture.

  2. I am afraid Orso needs the next step of behavioral training. He needs to learn people are not for biting, because, someday, if excited while playing, he WILL forget and bite down hard, if he thinks it is okay for him to do so. There are a number of techniques to do that, and I’m sure any local vet will know them, or someone who does…. He needs to learn that before he is allowed to socialize a lot, or he could end up biting someone else, who may not be as casual about being bitten…. It’s an easy fix, actually, given the proper technique, & shouldn’t take more than a couple of training sessions…. but, it’s important, so he stops before biting someone who will file charges….

    There’s a pretty good book, called No Bad Dogs, that has some good suggestions….

    Good luck….


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