The Word on the Street

I like to think that I am in tune with the local inhabitants here and well versed in the street slang. I hear what is being said about us among the locals and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright degrading.

Every morning I get up at four am feed Orso and take him for a walk. It’s always dark on our first walk of the day and normally no one else is about. We do run into the creatures of the night, deer, raccoons and rabbits, all of which cause Orso to stand up straight, lunge at the interloper and bark loudly. Each time he does this, I usually have to have my shoulder put back in place after being yanked sharply. I truly believe my left arm is two inches longer than my right arm.

And every time he barks loudly at 4 in the morning, I whisper sharply to him, “Shh, people are sleeping, shh.”

I’ve been working hard with Orso to just ignore the offending creature; may it be deer or rabbit. He still stiffens his body and gives a halfhearted leap when he spots a rabbit, but he is doing better at not barking. He looks at me right after he lunges at a rabbit to say, “look I’m trying, but it’s not fair, chasing rabbits is what I do.”

Well now that I have gotten Orso to not give chase, the offending rabbit doesn’t move. The other day we were on our morning constitutional when on our return Orso’s ears when stiff and erect, giving me warning that there was something was ahead. Sure enough about twenty-five feet ahead of us on the same side of the street, was a rabbit just sitting there watching our approach. As we got closer, Orso got more alert and readied himself for the attack. Still the rabbit just sat there, not moving.

I decided that the better decision was to cross the street hoping to avoid a trip to the emergency room and an Aflac claim. The stupid rabbit did not move, just sat there waiting motionless, taunting Orso. Even as we drew closer and were directly across from the rabbit, the rabbit didn’t move, just watched us walk on by.

Yeah, I hear the word on the street, “The short human won’t let the giant brown menace chase us, we’re good.”

Do you have any idea how degrading it is to not be feared by rabbits? What a bunch of punks.

6 thoughts on “The Word on the Street

  1. LOL! While I can sympathize, I feel I should mention there are classes for dogs to teach that exact behavior on walks…. i.e., no lunging, or barking, or pulling…. If you want the rabbits to fear you again, get a squirt gun, or a slingshot…. *grin*

    I DO sympathize; I recently spent three to four weeks recovering from walking a young puppy for three days, who wanted to chase EVERYTHING, & pulled me so bad, my back went out completely…. No more untrained dogs for me, I’m afraid; they have to be voice- or hand-signal controlled, or they’ll hurt me….

    Good luck… I think most communities have free classes for dogs, or at least cheap….


      1. I’m okay now; different pains this week… all same same around here. The pup is now in a good home in Sonoma, so, it worked out okay…

    1. You have no idea, now the squirrels are getting in the act. They mosey across the road without a care in the world. It is so tempting to just unhook the leash, but if he should catch one, then I have to dispose of the body and there are always witnesses.

      Orso would be labeled a serial killer and I would be labeled a bad pet owner. 🙂

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