Ad in the Personals Section

I think I’m going take out an ad in the newspaper. We moved out here a year ago and for the first eight months we spent every free moment house hunting. Then when we found a house we really liked, the next four months were spent moving in and making it ours. Now that we are all moved in and winter is coming, there isn’t much to do. Not to mention our work schedules are polar opposites, I work days and he works nights, I get up shortly after he gets home and he goes to work shortly after I get off work. The only evenings we have together are on his days off, which rotate every week, and weekends together happen only every six weeks. That leaves me alone most of the time.

I could take a class, but the last class I took was a yoga class and I turned that into competitive yoga trying to beat everyone else time. So much for relaxing and breathing, I don’t seem to play well with others. I could take up shopping, but then I would need to get a part time job to pay for the shopping. I could take up drinking, oh wait I already do drink, oops.

Hence my reason for the ad in the paper.

I think I’ll start off with:

Wanted: A friend.

“Woman in search of a friend who likes to get up early to greet each day. Someone who has weekends open and likes to explore new and old places. The friend needs to have a warped sense of humor; be able to poke fun at themselves as much as everyone else. The friend can’t take the world too seriously; enjoy life lightly. There are two very important prerequisites: the friend must like wine and dogs, drinking wine, talking wine and trying new wines. The friend must like dogs and all that comes with dogs; dog hair, dog drool and dog kisses.

The friend must like outdoors, hiking and odd adventures. A friend that likes pedicures, shopping and lunch out is an added bonus. Age is not an issue, the friend can be any age over twenty-one, (sorry must be legal drinking age).

Interested parties apply here.”

6 thoughts on “Ad in the Personals Section

  1. Aww. I qualify except for the wine. I’m more of a beer-gal. You know what? It actually isn’t a bad idea 🙂 Maybe take extra time on your next wine-shopping trip and talk to someone else in the aisle? I met one of my best friends ever in a Walmart. She’s so cool that she is also friends with my best friend and my sister!

  2. Well… I’m an oenephile, and love dogs. I try not to limit myself to just those two delights, but, otherwise might fit, but for living in another state, and being the opposite gender from what I believe you’re seeking. Unless your SO is very broad-minded, and secure in himself, that might cause some friction on days off together…. Just sayin’….


    Good idea, though. Put the ad in a local college paper, too; you’ll get some interesting responders from their readers…

    Good luck….


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