State of Grace

The description, “She walks with fluid soft grace, she almost floats” has been used to describe me NEVER! You will never hear the words fluid soft grace, when someone talks about me. I have an uncanny ability trip over thin air, lose my balance when doing the simple task of standing or fall up or down stairs. I’m quite an accomplished professional faller. I also find new ways to either cut myself on the most mundane object. Case in point, I sliced open my knuckle on a piece of aluminum foil the other day. Who gets a paper cut from aluminum foil, me that’s who.

I can’t blame this ability on getting older or some strange side effect from the gravitation pull of a full moon. I’ve been this graceless from childhood and the phase of the moon has no effect on me. My mother even sent me to Charm School when I was budding teenager. I learned how to set a proper table, to sit with my ankles crossed and how to stand with a book on my head. And do you know what happened at the graduation ceremony, I tripped walking across the stage to pick up my diploma. Poor mom, couldn’t get a refund.

I have fallen off the side of the road and face planted in the ditch without any help from the dogs. I’ve crashed and burned falling down a hill carrying a four-foot step ladder. I burn my hands on oven racks almost weekly. (Hum, maybe I should quit cooking) And as I mentioned above, I have lacerated myself with aluminum foil, paper, knives and forks.

Last night I reached a new level of clumsiness. I was cleaning the huge mirror in our bathroom and couldn’t reach the top of the mirror standing in front of the vanity. I know what you’re thinking, I climbed up on the vanity then fell off. You would be wrong, not that I didn’t consider it. Nope, I went and got the small rickety wooden step ladder from our closet, so I could reach the top without falling off the vanity. I set the step ladder up and climbed up to reach the top section on the left side of the mirror. But because the mirror spans the length of the room, I had to move the step ladder to the other side so that I could clean the top right hand side of the mirror. As I set the step ladder down, I placed one leg on the toe of my right shoe, then proceeded to climb up on the step ladder.

Yes, I knew I set the ladder on my shoe and still stepped up on the ladder, I don’t know why I continued, but I did. Needless to say, I crushed one toe so badly it bled in my sock. I hopped off the ladder cursing and hopping around the bedroom. I know what you’re thinking, “What kind of moron would put a ladder on her foot and then step on it?” I don’t have a good answer for you, except I think I move faster than my brain. That sounds as good of an explanation as any, or I’m just a moron. That would work too.

So now my options are I can only use ladders when supervised by an adult or hire a mirror cleaner.

10 thoughts on “State of Grace

  1. One word… mindfulness. It consists of ‘being in the moment’, & paying closer attention to our actions, our thoughts, our words, and, our surroundings… Tricky, when not practiced, (dangerous, too, as is clear….), but, well worth the savings in ER charges, not to mention clothing, and embarrassment…. *wink*


      1. I think we all have our moments; I call myself a bozo, for good reason. In fact, I have three still visible scars from childhood lessons in paying attention to what I was doing, with knives & engines… so, don’t feel alone. Many of us have noses that honk when squeezed…



  2. “Move faster than my brain” yes and yes! Explains why I walk into the doorframe instead of the hole! I know it is there, so whyyyyyy do I still do it? I was putting on skin cream after my shower yesterday, and my shins are corrugated. I actually have dented my bones. Ewww.
    Hubby cut himself on tinfoil this week, too. You both have that talent!
    I make him wear a steel mesh glove when using a big knife, too. Posted to him by my best friend in the US because I told one too many stories of him cutting the hell out of himself.

      1. It could be! My maternal cousin is just as bad as us, too! I’m glad I also married a klutz, he doesn’t give out to me when I choke on my own saliva. He knows the struggle 🙂

  3. Hire the mirror cleaner!

    My major clumsiness comes with running into things. I seem to have no concept of my size and the size of other things. I always have black and blue spots on my legs and arms from this – and usually, I have no idea where they came from because I run into so many things over the course of any given day I can’t remember one single thing I ran into.

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