Chasing Waterfalls and the Coast

A couple of weeks ago we decided to buzz over to the Olympic Peninsula and search for some waterfalls. There is a waterfall road trip that loops highway 101 starting on the east side of the Peninsula goes north to the Strait of Juan De Fuca and turns south to drive along the Pacific Ocean coast for a while. We took the dogs, so we couldn’t go into the National Park, but we could go into the National Forest, so we drove west and found a couple of waterfalls in the Olympic National Forest, then drove up the coast and found a beautiful beach.

We barely scratched the surface and as soon as we have a couple of days to explore we’ll go again.

5 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls and the Coast

  1. Hi Susan,

    Our new very effective ‘cleaner’ just flagged your profile for ‘low activity’. It’s designed to delete such profiles, but having a history with us, your profile was markled ‘attention’ before deleted. Which made us look closer. I can see why you were flagged. Since March 23rd 2017 and up till today you’ve left your mark with us 3 times only! Looking at your blog, I can see that you are not really active these days. (1 – 2 posts pr month) But perhaps your interest have shifted? We don’t know, but what we do know is that since March 23rd we have been publishing 149 posts including approximately 700 pictures? Pictures that you probably have not seen? Should we leave the ‘cleaner’ to do his job?

    1. You’re right, I’ve been a bit lax in posting more. Since our move to a new state I’ve kind of lost my focus. I want to get back into more writing and taking more photos, but haven’t gotten there yet. I would understand if you erase me. I hope you don’t, but I understand. I still love seeing your wonderful photos.

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