Nothing to Wear

This is an excerpt from another one of the stories from my book, “A Woman’s View of Hunting…With Men”. 

How often have I stood in front of this full closet, wondering why I never seem to have the right clothes?  I take it all back.  This time it’s true. I really don’t think I have a thing to wear.  It’s November, and Mitch and I are going to a little town in western Kansas to hunt pheasant for a week. This is my inaugural hunting trip, I’ve never been hunting before. 

 “Whatever possessed me to want to go hunting?” I think to myself.  We can spend time together when he gets back.  “Stop it!  You want to do this.  It doesn’t matter what you wear, you’re going because you wanted to spend more time with Mitch.”  I berate myself into submission.  “Hunters” don’t make fashion statements, do they?  I’m totally clueless.

But I’m a woman from the suburbs, not much of an “outdoorsy” person. My closet is full of appropriate office attire, clothes to go shopping in, and work-around-the-house rags. But nothing for “hunting.”  And to add more stress to my plight, my first time hunting experience will also include going with Mitch’s brother, father and the family friend’s that always tag along.  So not only is this first time to go and  wander around in unfamiliar terrain, with a bunch of seasoned hunters, but I will look like a newbie.  Oh joy!

More to come – stick around