Hello Monday!

I am so glad the weekend is over. I just wish it would stop raining long enough to dry the yard out so I can mow and plant my garden. But mainly because I have water dogs that don’t like the rain. Orso, our ninety pound lab will walk under the umbrella with me in order to not get water on his head. Do you have any idea how hard it is to walk with a dog that tries to pee and walk at the same time? Sissy dog. They can be dancing on three legs because they have to pee so bad and rush to the door to go out. When I open the door and they see the rain, all three of them just stand there and look at me with the same expression, “Are you kidding me? You want me to go out there in the RAIN! I can hold it.

And God forbid there is lightning or thunder. AJ, our black lab, super hunting dog, the best in the field I’ve ever seen, pants and shakes and becomes my third leg. I have started giving him doggy drugs, just to calm him down. The way he wolfs them down, I may try them myself.

My fingers are crossed for sunshine.