Oh My God – A Slug!

The other morning the dogs noticed something on the steps.  They each rushed to see what the intruder was.  It was a large slug, stretched out about 3 inches long.  Charlie and AJ sniffed  it and stepped over it to get to the door.  But not Orso.  Orso stuck his nose close to the slug and turned around and went back up the steps to the top of the landing and wouldn’t come down.  Ninety five pounds versus one ounce (if that) and the slimy little monster won.  I could not get him to come down the steps. 

Thinking that I don’t have time for a neurotic dog, I looked around for a stick to pick it up with and thought that no, I didn’t want to put it in my garden.  That would be like taking an alcoholic to a wine tasting.  I saw a large rock, so I picked it up and placed it on the slug.  Only then would Orso come down the steps.  What a sissy.