Clean Dogs Inside and Out

Just when I thought that nothing would surprise me about the dogs, I am totally amazed at them.  We are getting ready to gut our master bath and remodel it.  That is another story in itself.  In anticipation of the demolition, I removed everything from the closets and put the contents in boxes and placed the boxes in the living room.  I secured all of the medicines and harmful chemicals, but wasn’t too worried about the candles,  soap and some of my makeup samples.  Silly me.  We came home from work to find that dogs unknown as of this writing had eaten two bars of Dial soap and half of a bar of Super Eight soap.  Why?  What would possess a dog to eat soap?  Yuck! 

So far no involuntary bubble blowing, no gas or diarrhea. Normal massive appetite.  I just don’t understand what was so tasty about soap.  Maybe all of the frequent bathes has caused them to like the taste of soap.

Just another shining example of the intestinal fortitude of Labrador Retrievers.

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