An Early Morning Hike

An early morning hike with the dogs was therapeutic.  No one else was on the trails, just us and the morning mists.  I came home relaxed and more importantly the dogs came home happy and tired.

Even though I’m not a fan of spiders or their webs when I walk into one face high, I thought these were pretty cool looking.

An early morning hike has to include a rousing game of Tug O War

4 thoughts on “An Early Morning Hike

  1. Great pictures! I always love that type of mist drifting by… Also, looks like they don’t even need you to play, do they?

  2. I always say that if I did not work I would take our dogs on early morning hikes. Of course, I don’t do that on the weekends. But that’s because I want to keep them on a regular schedule. Uh huh.

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