My Knee Scooter

My knee scooter was delivered yesterday, a device designed to help me stay mobile without putting any weight on my foot.  I have tried to preplan for everything knowing I wouldn’t be able to walk for three months.  I bought extra skirts to wear, figuring that trying to pull slacks on over this big honking bandage would be a bit of a challenge.  I waited for the weather to warm up before having the surgery so my naked toes wouldn’t get cold in the snow.  I bought a backpack to be able to haul everything so that my purse wouldn’t slip off my shoulder throwing me off balance and causing me to crash and burn.  Or as Mitch describes it, that “Black Hole” I carry around.

I decided not to put in a garden this year because Mitch would be doing most of the work for three months.  I know that the harvest won’t be until August or September, but I figure that he has enough to do without me unnecessarily adding to it.  I have friends coming to walk the dogs in the morning while Mitch is at work so the heathens don’t get short changed.

My doctor had described the scooter as small, lightweight and collapsible so I figured that I would break it down and hook it to my backpack and drag it up the stairs with me while using my crutches.  You see, coming and going in and out of our home involves stairs.  Even though we live in a ranch style house, there are stairs going up to the garage to get in the car.  There are stairs going down to the street to get the mail and daily paper.  There are stairs to go out to the yard, just to enjoy a bit of fresh air.  That’s because our house was built into the side of a hill.  Stairs everywhere.

So much for preplanning, this is the Hemi of scooters.  It’s very nice, don’t get me wrong, sturdy, padded knee pad, hand brakes left and right and pre-adjusted to my height.  But small and lightweight it is not!  This thing is huge.  I am not going to be strapping it onto my back and hauling it around.  Now I have figure out how to get it and me up the stairs to get it in the car, out of the car and up the two flights of stairs at work.

So much for trying to preplan.

11 thoughts on “My Knee Scooter

  1. I used a knee scooter for six weeks, the best item recommended by the Surgeon. Made it easy to get around on the first level
    Of the house. I used a walker on second level along with crutches. Have to be cautious when asking turns at fast
    Speeds at home. Just passed the three month mark, no crutches , have to use the boot for two weeks until orthotics arrive.
    (I had tendon reconstruction and metatarsal osteotomy to
    Lower my high arch which caused many ankle rolls end sprains).
    Best wishes and take it slow.

    1. Great advice. I’m not graceful on a good day so this will be slow going for sure. It sounds like you had major work done too. Good luck on your recovery. Let me know how you’re doing.

      Take care,

  2. Steps and one leg working.
    1) using the same position as the knee scooter, use that
    Knee on the step to go up.
    2) sit on the steps an go up down, need good arms.
    3) down with cast leg out ahead and hop if rails on both sides. Again arm power and good leg in sneaker.

      1. Brave and carpet ont he stairs. Railings both sides. I was in a splint cast for two weeks then regular fiberglass cast. I was much
        more adventurous then and there was full protection, short leg cast.
        Good luck and have some one handy to watch. Crawling on
        all fours helps too !!!!

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