Early Morning Photos

Silly geese swimming toward us
geese swimming

Charlie and Orso checking for new smells
the boyswater reflectionwaters edge

Calm waters in the early morning


Poem for Friday

My mind betrays my body
My thoughts lead me
To places I dare not go
Forbidden longing.

The pain and hurt
Still fresh and raw
Bruises dark and angry
Fade at caresses past.

My heart ever longing
For love and passion
My body prays for escape
From anguish and disappointment.

Sunday Verses

A couple of poems


Hot winds fanning the flames
Pushing the fire onward
Burning all in its path
Reducing everything to ash.

Animals great and small
Racing toward the edge of the forest
Trying to outrun the carnage
Fear of fire greater than fear of foe.

Thunder on the horizon
Rain marching in
Enemy of fire
Brings salvation to the forest.



Gentle drumming on the wind pane
Causing runnels down the glass
Grey skies overhead
Spanning across the horizon.

Rain dances in the puddles
Splatters reaching upward
Filling birdbaths to the brim
Overflowing in the ditches.

Rain soaking the ground
Plants drinking up the moisture
Roots swelling up filled with water
Giving life to all.

The Storm – Part 3 the Conclusion

Part 3, the final segment.

Camilla grabbed the hair on his head and pulled it hard back away from her. The man jerked his head up and raised his hand to slap her, but stopped in mid swing looking into her face. He felt a sudden unease growing in the pit of his stomach. Something wasn’t right, he started to realize that the woman showed no fear. Before his caution and judgment was clouded by his hunger and lust, but now he could see with clarity that he might have the disadvantage here. He tried to get up off her, but she held his arms tightly with a surprising strength for such a small woman.

Camilla let go of his left arm and swung her hand hard slapping him hard across his face. His head snapped back from the force of her blow. Totally off balance the man rolled over to the right falling off the bed. He started to get to his feet trying to decide whether to fight or flee. Something wasn’t right, the woman should have been scared, he had broken in her home and raped her, but she wasn’t acting scared at all. No she was behaving differently. She seemed to have enjoyed the rape and was now the aggressor. This woman was crazy, the man decided that fleeing was the better option. But Camilla wasn’t ready for the intruder to leave yet. She hadn’t felt so sated in decades and wasn’t ready for this to be over yet.

She leapt off the bed, rounded the foot of the bed and was on the man before he could stand straight up knocking them both to the floor. The man lying face down on the bottom of the pile shifted his shoulder and rolled on to his back. Camilla hung on shifting her grip so that she was on top of the man facing him. The man looked up at Camilla and saw something strange in her eyes. Definitely not fear, no more like hunger. She was now the one in control and the man didn’t like that one bit. He tried to push her off of him, but she was too strong. This wasn’t right, she was a small woman, the same size that he was used to throwing around. Camilla leaned down over the man’s face, her eyes smiling, her lips parted slightly as if she was going to kiss him. She hovered over his lips for a long moment, then angled her head to the left and dropped her head to his neck long fangs bared. Camilla drank hungrily from the man’s throat, draining him of all blood.

Standing over the corpse, Camilla looked down and felt totally satisfied. The storm, the stranger, sex and dinner, the first time in more than ten years, Camilla had known such pleasure. It had been a perfect evening after all.

I hope you have enjoyed this. I welcome any comments and suggestions on how I can improve in the future.

The Storm – Part 2

Part 2 of The Storm – I hope you enjoy it.

Camilla turned and walked out of the kitchen, head cocked slightly, listening carefully to catch any sound of the intruder. Lightning streaked across the sky and before the crash of thunder ended, the power went out in the house, plunging Camilla into darkness. With the darkness, Camilla could not follow the muddy footprints to the hiding spot of the intruder. The intruder was now at a disadvantage, he could no longer see her and was unfamiliar with the layout of the house, while Camilla was quite at ease in the dark and knew every nook and cranny of her beloved home.

She heard a sound coming from upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Slowly Camilla started up the stairs in search of the source of the sound. She stopped at the doorway of the first guest bedroom listening carefully and looking for any sign of movement. No one was in the room, so she moved on to the next bedroom. No one was hiding in that one either and Camilla moved on to the master bedroom.

Walking into the master bedroom Camilla sensed a presence there with her. She moved to the center of the room and turned slowly around full circle in search of the intruder. Standing next to the bed was the dark form of a man. She stood stock still for a moment, deciding whether to stay and face the intruder or flee. Camilla moved deliberately and slowly closer to the intruder and the danger of the unknown.

As Camilla closed the gap, the man moved to meet her at the foot of the bed. He closed his arms around her hugging her tightly, close to his body. He turned lifting her body and laid her on the bed. Lowering his body on top of her, he looked into her eyes. There was no fear in her eyes, in fact she met his gaze with a hungry look in her eyes.

Without any words between them, the man unbuttoned her blouse slowly caressing her skin as he pushed the button through the buttonhole. Moving downward he unbuttoned Camilla’s slacks, unzipped them and slid them down over her hips slowly, his hands lingering at the small of her back. As he pulled he slacks down past her knees, Camilla sat up toward him pulling him back down on top of her. The man positioned himself above her and moved in thrusting deep inside her. Camilla met his thrusts and moved with him slowly at first, together they moved faster and faster. Camilla moaned a long low moan and clutched the man tightly to her as she rose to a climax. The man spent, relaxed against her and closed his eyes. Camilla laid beneath the man satisfied for the first time in a long time. It was too bad it had to end so soon. Camilla pushed at the man trying to move him off her, but he just laid there breathing heavy.

Part 3 the final segment will post on Thursday. Please come back and read how it turns out,

The Storm – Part 1

Today I thought I would do something a bit different. I’ve written a short story titled “The Storm”. A bit of fiction, that I will post in three parts. Below is Part 1.

The lightning flashed across the sky illuminating the dark sky for a moment, then everything was plunged into darkness again. Waiting for the next round of lightning, Camilla peered out the window sure she had seen someone standing next to the large weeping willow tree. The wind whipped the branches around in a wild dance about the figure, making the figure look like Medusa. Storms were strangely calming to Camilla. The more violent the storm, the more Camilla enjoyed it. Her soul so unsettled seemed to connect with the tumultuous weather. But tonight, she couldn’t relax, something was out there watching.

Camilla lived in a two story house that was over two hundred years old in a remote part of Louisiana. The house has been in her family’s possession since it was built. It stood almost a half mile from the main road and was not easily visible by the casual passerby. To get to the house one had to drive down the winding tree lined gravel road. There were very few visitors that ever came to the house, some said that the house was haunted or at the very least, strange things had happened out there.

There by the tree was a figure, Camilla could just barely make out the form at the next lightning flash. She stepped back from the window and let the curtain fall back in place blocking any view from outside. Camilla left the living room and walked to the front door making sure the door was locked and threw the deadbolt for added security. She was not so much afraid as she was curious, who would be watching her and why. She then walked down the hall to the kitchen to make sure the back door was locked. Camilla walked in to see the back door standing open, rain blowing in covering the floor. Camilla dashed across the room to close the door and noticed that there were muddy footprints going from the doorway out of the kitchen into the house. Someone else was in the house with her.

Part 2 will be posted on Tuesday. Please check back for more.

Four More Weeks!

Just four more weeks, twenty eight days, that’s how much longer I have to wear Frankenstein’s shoe. Woo Hoo! I went in for my five week follow up visit for my surgery on Friday. My doctor was amazed at my recovery speed. He said I was about twenty one days ahead of schedule. He had figured that I would be on crutches for a minimum of six weeks, but after two weeks he decided to try out me wearing a monster black walking cast, complete with industrial strength Velcro. This was in response to two falls in two days on my crutches. I am so graceful.

It only took four days for me to shed the crutches with the Franken foot. So that has been a huge success. My grace has not diminished, in fact the Franken foot has increased my wobbling because of its weight and cumbersome size. But at least no crutches when I’m wearing it. I did find a few challenges when wearing Frank, like walking on a slope. Can you imagine trying to walk down hill with Frank? Not easy, my leg doesn’t bend forward locked in the boot. And uphill is even harder. The first time I tried to go up an incline I couldn’t move. The boot refused to move. There I was standing in one spot looking pretty silly. Mitch had to come get me and help me up the hill. It’s like sidestepping up a hill with skis on. Not much fun.

My x-rays showed a fifteen degree movement of bone, which the doctor said was a lot. He said that for as extensive work as was done, he was really surprised at how well I was doing. His colleague that assisted in the surgery couldn’t believe how well I am doing either.

But I know the secret to my healing success. I have the best husband and friends that have taken care of me and have taken care of everything else so I could just lay around and heal. This will take me a lifetime to repay them for their love and support.

I see a pedicure and shoe shopping in my future.

Poetry Monday

Two more poems to start the week.

The Smile

I look across the room
Searching through the
Crush of bodies
Seeking a familiar face.

I settle on the soft gaze
Of friendly eyes
Staring back at me
Slight wrinkles at the corners.

Projecting their amusement
At being found in the crowd
Lowering my gaze to his mouth
Lips turned upward parted slightly.



Your words wound more deeply
Than the sharpest blade
Your eyes show no loving gaze
Only the icy stare of hate.

Your touch is cold and hard
No gentle caress
My words fall on deaf ears
Only silence from now on.

A life together
Without love
Forever to live in misery
Loveless and lonely.