Poem for Friday

My mind betrays my body
My thoughts lead me
To places I dare not go
Forbidden longing.

The pain and hurt
Still fresh and raw
Bruises dark and angry
Fade at caresses past.

My heart ever longing
For love and passion
My body prays for escape
From anguish and disappointment.

8 thoughts on “Betrayal

  1. Reading your wonderful poem, brought this to mind:

    My mind gathers, reminds
    As my body weakens, reclines
    How I wish to lose my mind
    Be gone! For you’re not kind

    Hope you’re fully recovered from that leg surgery – or, am I behind time.

    Peace, Eric

    1. Yours is wonderful.

      I’m on the downhill side of this. Two weeks left to ago then hopefully back to wearing a full pair of shoes that match. I find out on the 12th. So cross your fingers for me.

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