The Storm – Part 2

Part 2 of The Storm – I hope you enjoy it.

Camilla turned and walked out of the kitchen, head cocked slightly, listening carefully to catch any sound of the intruder. Lightning streaked across the sky and before the crash of thunder ended, the power went out in the house, plunging Camilla into darkness. With the darkness, Camilla could not follow the muddy footprints to the hiding spot of the intruder. The intruder was now at a disadvantage, he could no longer see her and was unfamiliar with the layout of the house, while Camilla was quite at ease in the dark and knew every nook and cranny of her beloved home.

She heard a sound coming from upstairs in one of the bedrooms. Slowly Camilla started up the stairs in search of the source of the sound. She stopped at the doorway of the first guest bedroom listening carefully and looking for any sign of movement. No one was in the room, so she moved on to the next bedroom. No one was hiding in that one either and Camilla moved on to the master bedroom.

Walking into the master bedroom Camilla sensed a presence there with her. She moved to the center of the room and turned slowly around full circle in search of the intruder. Standing next to the bed was the dark form of a man. She stood stock still for a moment, deciding whether to stay and face the intruder or flee. Camilla moved deliberately and slowly closer to the intruder and the danger of the unknown.

As Camilla closed the gap, the man moved to meet her at the foot of the bed. He closed his arms around her hugging her tightly, close to his body. He turned lifting her body and laid her on the bed. Lowering his body on top of her, he looked into her eyes. There was no fear in her eyes, in fact she met his gaze with a hungry look in her eyes.

Without any words between them, the man unbuttoned her blouse slowly caressing her skin as he pushed the button through the buttonhole. Moving downward he unbuttoned Camilla’s slacks, unzipped them and slid them down over her hips slowly, his hands lingering at the small of her back. As he pulled he slacks down past her knees, Camilla sat up toward him pulling him back down on top of her. The man positioned himself above her and moved in thrusting deep inside her. Camilla met his thrusts and moved with him slowly at first, together they moved faster and faster. Camilla moaned a long low moan and clutched the man tightly to her as she rose to a climax. The man spent, relaxed against her and closed his eyes. Camilla laid beneath the man satisfied for the first time in a long time. It was too bad it had to end so soon. Camilla pushed at the man trying to move him off her, but he just laid there breathing heavy.

Part 3 the final segment will post on Thursday. Please come back and read how it turns out,

5 thoughts on “The Storm – Part 2

  1. I don’t want to be bad boy – but this guy is (almost) a real ‘man’ – does not believe in foreplay and I suppose, he is going to roll over and snore 😦

      1. LOL! If it works for her — yes!

        It’s probably all in his fiery red eyes – melts ’em.

        It’s us mortal men who need to work at it 🙂

        I meant, work on the gaze in our eyes 🙂

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