The Storm – Part 1

Today I thought I would do something a bit different. I’ve written a short story titled “The Storm”. A bit of fiction, that I will post in three parts. Below is Part 1.

The lightning flashed across the sky illuminating the dark sky for a moment, then everything was plunged into darkness again. Waiting for the next round of lightning, Camilla peered out the window sure she had seen someone standing next to the large weeping willow tree. The wind whipped the branches around in a wild dance about the figure, making the figure look like Medusa. Storms were strangely calming to Camilla. The more violent the storm, the more Camilla enjoyed it. Her soul so unsettled seemed to connect with the tumultuous weather. But tonight, she couldn’t relax, something was out there watching.

Camilla lived in a two story house that was over two hundred years old in a remote part of Louisiana. The house has been in her family’s possession since it was built. It stood almost a half mile from the main road and was not easily visible by the casual passerby. To get to the house one had to drive down the winding tree lined gravel road. There were very few visitors that ever came to the house, some said that the house was haunted or at the very least, strange things had happened out there.

There by the tree was a figure, Camilla could just barely make out the form at the next lightning flash. She stepped back from the window and let the curtain fall back in place blocking any view from outside. Camilla left the living room and walked to the front door making sure the door was locked and threw the deadbolt for added security. She was not so much afraid as she was curious, who would be watching her and why. She then walked down the hall to the kitchen to make sure the back door was locked. Camilla walked in to see the back door standing open, rain blowing in covering the floor. Camilla dashed across the room to close the door and noticed that there were muddy footprints going from the doorway out of the kitchen into the house. Someone else was in the house with her.

Part 2 will be posted on Tuesday. Please check back for more.

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