The Storm – Part 3 the Conclusion

Part 3, the final segment.

Camilla grabbed the hair on his head and pulled it hard back away from her. The man jerked his head up and raised his hand to slap her, but stopped in mid swing looking into her face. He felt a sudden unease growing in the pit of his stomach. Something wasn’t right, he started to realize that the woman showed no fear. Before his caution and judgment was clouded by his hunger and lust, but now he could see with clarity that he might have the disadvantage here. He tried to get up off her, but she held his arms tightly with a surprising strength for such a small woman.

Camilla let go of his left arm and swung her hand hard slapping him hard across his face. His head snapped back from the force of her blow. Totally off balance the man rolled over to the right falling off the bed. He started to get to his feet trying to decide whether to fight or flee. Something wasn’t right, the woman should have been scared, he had broken in her home and raped her, but she wasn’t acting scared at all. No she was behaving differently. She seemed to have enjoyed the rape and was now the aggressor. This woman was crazy, the man decided that fleeing was the better option. But Camilla wasn’t ready for the intruder to leave yet. She hadn’t felt so sated in decades and wasn’t ready for this to be over yet.

She leapt off the bed, rounded the foot of the bed and was on the man before he could stand straight up knocking them both to the floor. The man lying face down on the bottom of the pile shifted his shoulder and rolled on to his back. Camilla hung on shifting her grip so that she was on top of the man facing him. The man looked up at Camilla and saw something strange in her eyes. Definitely not fear, no more like hunger. She was now the one in control and the man didn’t like that one bit. He tried to push her off of him, but she was too strong. This wasn’t right, she was a small woman, the same size that he was used to throwing around. Camilla leaned down over the man’s face, her eyes smiling, her lips parted slightly as if she was going to kiss him. She hovered over his lips for a long moment, then angled her head to the left and dropped her head to his neck long fangs bared. Camilla drank hungrily from the man’s throat, draining him of all blood.

Standing over the corpse, Camilla looked down and felt totally satisfied. The storm, the stranger, sex and dinner, the first time in more than ten years, Camilla had known such pleasure. It had been a perfect evening after all.

I hope you have enjoyed this. I welcome any comments and suggestions on how I can improve in the future.

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