Orso My Big Sweetie

Yesterday I posted pictures of Charlie.  Today is Orso’s turn.  He’s my big sweetie weighing in at 98 pounds.  He’s kind of a goof ball, but that’s what makes him so endearing.

IMG_1087 (640x427)

Orso is playing King of the Bed taking on all challengers

IMG_1825 (640x427)

This was taken in December on our very frigid hunting trip.

Orso is squirrel hunting

Kind of a clown, daring the squirrel to come down.

Photos taken on my Canon Rebel


7 thoughts on “Orso My Big Sweetie

  1. Labs are such wonderful, wonderful dogs. Loyal, brave and the class clowns-at least ours was-
    Thank you too for visiting Little Dogs Laughed-I appreciate you taking the time to look-

    • Yes they are. We’ve had three so far, a yellow lab, a black lad and now our chocolate lab Orso. They definitely can be the class clowns that’s for sure.

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