Monday Morning

The alarm clock shrieking in my ear
Head pounding a leftover of last night
Sitting upright slowly with great effort
Feet slow to hit the floor.

Shuffle to the shower
Stinging spray brings a gasp
Adjust the faucet to a more tepid degree
Shampoo in my eyes causing tears.

Stubbed toe getting out of the shower
Could this day get any worse?
Getting dressed and nothing matches
Monday morning has come to visit.

13 thoughts on “Monday Morning

  1. Remember, better times are ahead. Retirement is relaxing and fun. I sit here in my living room, watching GMA, drinking coffee and looking out at the clear blue skies as planes depart SEATAC with the beautiful Olympic mountains in the background. Life is good! Can’t wait until Nancy is retired as well. Hope your foot has mended well and you are without pain now. Give our best to Mitch and my best to all at MV. Broge

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