Christmas Card Photos – These will not make Hallmark Cards

While I’m home recovering from surgery, I thought it would be the perfect time to take my Christmas Card photos of Charlie and Orso and get the cards ordered. Well I forgot the most important part of the whole task. You have to have dogs that will sit still and pose for me. Those two can be quite difficult when they want to be. It’s doesn’t help not having good range of motion on my part, but I think they were being cantankerous on purpose. Stinkers! Anyway below are some of the faces the brats made for me.

IMG_3686 (1280x853)
Charlie is definitely not happy to be part of picture.

IMG_3691 - Copy (1192x1280)
Charlie with the crazy eye look he gives us all the time.

IMG_3706 (1280x853)
Orso – what more can I say?

IMG_3707 - Copy (1070x1280)
Orso trying to get me his best face, what a goof.

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel