Orso, Orso

One of the downsides to Orso is that he drools, not a little oh no, he drools like a Saint Bernard. Sometimes I am not so sure that the breeder who sold him to kid that we rescued Orso from didn’t sell him a bill of goods. Chocolate lab my eye, this dog has all of the saliva glands of a Mastiff or other wet mouth breed. I am constantly doing walk throughs in the every room of the house looking for his drool shrapnel hits. He drools all the time. He also loves to get close and touch me leaving very large slobber marks on my sleeve or pant leg. So gross.

This morning on our walk in nine degree weather, I noticed something hanging from Orso’s mouth. At first I thought he had picked up a stick and was carrying it home to chew on later. It was hard to make out what it was exactly in the dark so I kept walking the dogs and watching. When we got back home and standing under porch light I got a good look at the five inch long frozen drool hanging from his mouth like an icicle on a house.

Any day now he is going magically change into a Mastiff I just know it.

IMG_3672 (1280x853)