Sunrise Photos

These are some photos that I took on our walk this morning just after sunrise. I would have taken more, but in my haste to grab the camera and dogs, I didn’t check the battery and guess what, the battery died after just a few pictures. I was so bummed.

IMG_3748 (1280x853)
Sunrise clouds

IMG_3751 (1280x853)
Some areas of the lake that are not frozen, silly geese

IMG_3752 (1280x853)
Don’t they know it’s too cold to go swimming?

IMG_3753 (1280x853)
Clouds pretty in pink

IMG_3759 (1280x853)

IMG_3762 (1280x853)
Poor lonely dock, there will be no dock diving for awhile

IMG_3765 (1280x853)
You can see the reflection of the sunrise on the ice of the frozen lake

Photos taken by Susan Kelly