Poetry for Tuesday

Three poems for Tuesday


The reddish glow of the setting sun
Gives way to the twilight skies
The rising moon orange and bright
Casts a warm glow on the earth below.

Glowing eyes searching for
Movement in the forest barely seen
Ears cocked listening for
The slightest sound almost unheard.

Swift legs and strong body leaping
From its vantage point
Giving chase to the fleeing prey
The creature draws near with deadly accuracy.

The Hunter

The dark night sky moonless
With only stars to light the way
The forest below cloaked in blackness
Masking all from view.

The hunter waits silent and still
Listening for the slightest sound
Searching for any noise
That might give him the advantage.

Eyes black in the darkness
Open wide scanning the forest floor below
Sitting on his perch high up in the branches
Ready to fly swift and sure.

The Hunted

Stepping carefully and slowly
Ever on guard
Eyes darting furtively back and forth
Scanning the forest for movement.

Ears cocked listening for sounds of danger
A crack of a branch or crunch of fallen leaves
In the distance
Cause the body to stiffen.

Nostrils flare sucking in the air
Catching the whiff of peril
The legs rear and the body bolts
Desperately trying to outrun death.

A Romp in the Snow

Saturday afternoon we took the dogs out on the peninsula to run around and burn off some energy.

IMG_3781 (1280x853)
Charlie running across the peninsula

IMG_3786 (1280x853)
Charlie running the other way

IMG_3793 (1280x853)
Charlie giving a really good impression of a Chupacabra, of course it fits him

IMG_3796 (1280x853)
Charlie getting down and deep going after a promising scent

IMG_3797 (1280x853)
I hope nothing is attached to his head when he comes back out

IMG_3801 (1280x853)
Charlie on point, something smells interesting

IMG_3804 (1280x853)
Charlie intent on something in the underbrush

IMG_3805 (1280x853)
Charlie going down the rabbit hole

IMG_3807 (1280x853)
It got away

IMG_3809 (1280x853)
Charlie still hunting

IMG_3833 (1280x853)
Orso hunting for frozen goose poop. Everyone has their priorities.

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel

So Many Choices

Oh what to do, what to do, so many choices. My fun options for the day, finish working on the tax return, clean out the closet or spend some quality time on my elliptical working out. I mean, these are some difficult choices to make. Which sounds like more fun, taxes or closet, closet or working up a sweat, I just can’t decide. How much fun can one person stand on a snowy cold Saturday? Any takers? No? Can’t say that I blame you, I even gave Mitch the choice of taxes or ironing and can you believe it, he would rather spend the afternoon ironing than work on the taxes.

I would make the dogs do the taxes, but they don’t have thumbs so they get out of it by default. They get to have all the fun. They lay around sleeping on our bed storing up energy to be able to eat, run around like lunatics and sleep some more. I shouldn’t complain, I have to do the taxes because we are lucky enough to have jobs to feed us and pay the bills. Sidebar to the jobs, I splurged and bought a Powerball ticket at the store so maybe next year we won’t have jobs. We’ll still have to fill out our tax return, but it will be more fun when I have a few extra zeroes and commas on the end.

And because of the jobs I have a closet full of clothes that I desperately need to clean out. I can also blame the jobs for me buying the elliptical to work out on at the odd hours of the day and night. Come to think of it, it’s all the jobs fault I have to make these choices. If we didn’t have jobs, I wouldn’t have to fill out a tax return (no earnings), clean out a closet (no clothes) or work out on the elliptical (no elliptical). We would starve and freeze to death, but that’s beside the point. I wouldn’t have to make a choice between the above options. I would have other more fun choices to make.

Choices, like which bridge to sleep under, which dumpster to go diving in for dinner, or searching for a job to be able to eat and stay warm. Okay, so I don’t have anything to really complain about, but it’s my Saturday, my day off from the grind, my day off to do something fun. I could be going hiking or shopping, something fun, but no I’m sitting here trying to decide between taxes, cleaning out the closet or working out. I would flip a coin, but then I would have to flip it twice and with my luck the coin would roll into the closet and I would have to clean it out to find out which choice won. I am such a drub.