Poetry for Tuesday

Three poems for Tuesday


The reddish glow of the setting sun
Gives way to the twilight skies
The rising moon orange and bright
Casts a warm glow on the earth below.

Glowing eyes searching for
Movement in the forest barely seen
Ears cocked listening for
The slightest sound almost unheard.

Swift legs and strong body leaping
From its vantage point
Giving chase to the fleeing prey
The creature draws near with deadly accuracy.

The Hunter

The dark night sky moonless
With only stars to light the way
The forest below cloaked in blackness
Masking all from view.

The hunter waits silent and still
Listening for the slightest sound
Searching for any noise
That might give him the advantage.

Eyes black in the darkness
Open wide scanning the forest floor below
Sitting on his perch high up in the branches
Ready to fly swift and sure.

The Hunted

Stepping carefully and slowly
Ever on guard
Eyes darting furtively back and forth
Scanning the forest for movement.

Ears cocked listening for sounds of danger
A crack of a branch or crunch of fallen leaves
In the distance
Cause the body to stiffen.

Nostrils flare sucking in the air
Catching the whiff of peril
The legs rear and the body bolts
Desperately trying to outrun death.

7 thoughts on “Poetry for Tuesday

  1. Susan I enjoy your poetic thoughts. I really felt sorry for the little “girl” on the forest floor, but life is yin/yang!
    Just in case you are unaware, we are forming a “Houston Lake Collective Art Circle” (the name is still to be created). Our mission statement is “To nurture and inspire the creativity and talents of our Houston Lake community”! Anyway, if you might have a little interest we would love to have your input. Next meeting is March 15 at city hall @ 10:00 am. Truly, LK

      1. Yes thank you Susan, I have a new adventure starting….no doubt I will be blogging about it. I hope yu are recovering well….I am still sending healing energy to you. Xx

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