A Romp in the Snow

Saturday afternoon we took the dogs out on the peninsula to run around and burn off some energy.

IMG_3781 (1280x853)
Charlie running across the peninsula

IMG_3786 (1280x853)
Charlie running the other way

IMG_3793 (1280x853)
Charlie giving a really good impression of a Chupacabra, of course it fits him

IMG_3796 (1280x853)
Charlie getting down and deep going after a promising scent

IMG_3797 (1280x853)
I hope nothing is attached to his head when he comes back out

IMG_3801 (1280x853)
Charlie on point, something smells interesting

IMG_3804 (1280x853)
Charlie intent on something in the underbrush

IMG_3805 (1280x853)
Charlie going down the rabbit hole

IMG_3807 (1280x853)
It got away

IMG_3809 (1280x853)
Charlie still hunting

IMG_3833 (1280x853)
Orso hunting for frozen goose poop. Everyone has their priorities.

Photos taken with my Canon Rebel

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