Exercising With Your Dogs

You hear it all the time; get more exercise in by walking your dog. It’s supposed to be a win-win situation. The dog benefits by getting needed exercise, stays slimmer and burns off energy. You are moving more working your muscles and getting your heart rate up also staying slimmer and wears you out. Of course we all know how well my walks with dogs go in the morning. My heart rate definitely raises and I work lots of muscles, upper body and locked legs doing the “no, no, no” extensions when confronted with wildlife.

Yesterday in a further attempt to get back in shape after three surgeries in a twelve month period, I decided to start doing Yoga at home. I loaded the Yoga DVD in the DVD player, pushed the coffee table out of the way, unrolled my yoga mat and sat down for the opening breathing exercises. I was immediately face to face with Charlie who wanted to help me by sticking his nose right in my face to make sure I was breathing correctly. I pushed him away but he pushed right back and got even closer. He was determined to help me breathe. I tried to ignore him and stood up to move to the next series of moves. I dropped to plank and Charlie dropped down right next to me too. I sank into cobra pose and Charlie scooted closer. I moved into downward dog and Charlie rolled over onto his back right underneath me and whacked my face with his paw in an attempt to get me to pet him.

This was turning into more effort to avoid him than in doing the yoga moves. Cat/cow was equally a challenge because now Orso had decided that watching Charlie annoy me to distraction looked like lots of fun and jumped off the bed to come and join in helping me exercise. As I arched my back for cow and looked up I got a great big wet slobbery kiss from Orso right in the face. Yuck! That almost caused me to drop on the floor and squish Charlie who was still underneath me being a huge pain in my backside. I pushed Orso aside, tried to move into child’s pose and ended up putting my knees on Charlie’s tail. It did not make him happy. He jumped up causing me to jerk and lose my balance falling over into the coffee table, cracking my elbow on the table’s edge.

That definitely got my heart rate up.

5 thoughts on “Exercising With Your Dogs

  1. But, think of all the extra calories you burned with them helping!…. 🙂

    Nice to see you over at ECR; I missed you… Sorry I can’t get by more often; I love reading about Orso & Charlie…

    Take care, & Blessed be..



    1. Thank you, I’m glad you find them entertaining. They are definitely “a gift and a treasure”.

      I understand completely about time, so many things to do and so little time to do them in.

      You take care and try to behave.

      1. Thanks, but, I’ll pass… on the behaving, anyway…


        I wish it was only time; the reason I can’t spend the time is due to pain; I can only sit so long, then I have to move…. getting my blog done each day, and answering a comment or two is usually all I can do… surfing for more than a short time is just not worth the time it keeps me down… But, I come by when I can, to let ffolkes know I appreciate their loyalty for reading mine…

        See ya when I can…


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