Stealth Mode

Definitely not a term that is ever used when describing a Labrador retriever. Friendly, playful, loyal, gun dog, excellent retriever and most popular family dog are all words and terms used to describe the Labrador retriever, see no stealth mode. The breed originated in Newfoundland, originally called the St John’s water dog and was bred to retrieve in the cold waters. Today the Lab is a great family dog, loyal and playful, always in the middle of everything family.

To describe a Lab, you start at the head. His head is large and square or “blocky” with soft eyes that always melt your heart and make you smile. They have amazing hearing with ears that perk up at the slightest sound of the peanut butter jar lid being turned, even if they are on the other side of the house. A Lab has a big deep chest housing a stomach that can and has eaten almost a whole fifty pound bag of dog food in one sitting. Tip, never leave a bag of dog food unsecured.

At the end of the Labrador retriever is the tail. The tail was designed to be wide at the base and strong, to help steer and keep him afloat in the icy waters. The tail also has to be very large and strong, because that is where his heart is. The tail tells you everything you will ever need to know about a Lab. The happier the dog is faster his tail wags. The faster his tail wags, the bigger his smile gets on the front end. As far as happy goes, the Labrador retriever takes top honors.

With our goofy schedule, I work days and Mitch works nights. I get up at four am to start my day while Mitch is still asleep so I try to move around quietly and get dressing without making any noise. Well no matter how quiet I am, it is all canceled out with the banging of tails wagging, thumping against the bathroom door, the wall or the closet doors. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to give them space to wag in silence, they find a hard surface to bang their happy out. Good thing Mitch sleeps like the dead.

Stealth mode, not in this home.

8 thoughts on “Stealth Mode

  1. I currently live with only one cat; most of my life I’ve had a dog companion…. I’ve been reluctant to get one, until I live in a safer place; the kitten, who adopted me almost two months ago, can’t be let outside at all, until I can train her to walk on a leash with me, as it’s just too damn busy on the corner where I live. A dog would go crazy without getting out, so, I’ll wait until I’m in a place more suitable….

    So, it’s nice to read about your dogs; it always brings me a smile….

    I like labs, but, prefer a mixed breed; they seem to be the smartest….. pure-bred’s often are very loving, and, very instinctively trainable, according to their DNA, but, in terms of actual canniness, or savvy, they’re generally dumb as a post…. which is ironic, considering it’s a favorite for lifting their legs on to mark….



      1. LOL…. thanks, but, been there, done that, sold the t-shirt…. One at a time is good for me…. I’m getting too old to keep up with ’em easily…. When I do get one, I’ll have to do strong voice & hand command training in order to keep us both safe…. It’s tough getting used to NOT having as much strength and/or energy as I need/want; I lost my manual somewhere, so this aging crap is also a constant reinvention…. Hell, just playing with my new kitten wears me out long before she is even breathing hard….

        But, the walk sounds great; I love Oregon… I have friends living in Eugene, so, a walk isn’t totally far-fetched… I’ll bring Leelu, as her next training, starting in two weeks, is to learn to walk with me on a leash… Should be fun, & probably easier than herding cats, or dogs…


        And, yes, thanks for the fix fixes….

        Ned, aka gigoid

  2. Perfect Lab description! My Akita has stealth mode – when I have her toenails trimmed properly! The tail is always up n over, so nothing gets battered. Another plus: no trail of drool (unless she’s just had a big drink, then I can follow her path, yuck).

      1. It’s a main reason I exclude many lovely breeds from being my companions, actually. I’m sure I’m being selfish, but this house is only big enough for one large dog – and my patience? It’s way smaller!

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