Recipe for Grilling Pheasant


4 Pheasant boneless breasts


Salt to taste                                                   

Pepper to taste                                    

3 sprinkles Crushed red pepper            

Minced Garlic                                                  

Onion Powder                                                  


Olive oil                                                           

White Wine                                                    



1 can Diced tomatoes

Minced garlic



Onion Powder

Olive Oil

Grated Romano Cheese

Grated Italian cheeses for topping

Place pheasant breasts in baking dish and mix marinade together and pour over breasts.  Cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours. 

Grill breasts over medium high heat until done.

Mix together topping ingredients for topping in saucepan and cook until liquid is cooked out. 

After turning breasts over on grill, cover cooked side with tomato topping and finish grilling.  Just before removing from grill, sprinkle Italian cheeses on tomato topping and melt.

Serve with angel hair pasta and wine (I prefer a Pinot Grigio)

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