Sunday Poetry

A couple of poems for Sunday morning.


Standing on the edge of the abyss
Struggling with my demons
Indecision holding me tight
Run away or stand and fight.

Life closing in around me
Sucking out the air
Draining me of all energy
Losing the will to go on.

Looking deep in my soul
Searching for the resolve
Reaching down to my core
Gaining strength to fight the battle.


Walking in the sand
At the water’s edge
Each footstep washed away
By the rise and fall of the surf.

No tale tell signs
Of intrusion
Only the moment to be treasured
Recalled through memory.

With each step moving through life
Creating memories and moments
To be remembered
Over and over fondly.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Poetry

    1. No, life is good. Hopefully this is the last week of wearing Franken boot. But you’re right, when we take a step back and look at the whole picture, we can find a solution.

      1. I promise. I haven’t gone through this just the screw it up now. Tuesday will be nine weeks since the surgery and Friday they will take X-rays and the plan is to take a shoe with me. Cross your fingers for me.

      2. ha — I’ll do more than that 🙂 – I’ll say a prayer for you –

        from thirteen years of rugby, horse riding accidents and cycling accidents I have learned that pursuing PT rigorously makes all the difference. good luck.

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