Not for the Faint of Heart

The other day I shot my mouth off and said how much I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but that was before we went to Toys R Us. That store is only for the strong at heart, not amateurs like Mitch and me. The store was packed and the game of the day was avoiding being run down by mad shoppers pushing carts insanely about in search of the perfect toy. We were there to shop for our four granddaughters four years old down to one year old. I stood there looking very glassy eyed at all the options, while Mitch totally overloaded wandered off with a blank look on his face.

I walked down aisles and aisles of dolls, books and toys based on age looking very shell shocked. Did they already have this doll or was this toy too young or too old? I was in way over my head. I looked around for help from Mitch and he was gone. Off I went to try and find him, thinking maybe he had a stroke of brilliance and was getting the perfect gifts. I finally found him in the Star Wars section playing with light sabers and full size storm troopers. My nine year old boy had come out to play just when I needed adult help.

I reminded him that we were there for girl gifts and he wasn’t helping. I forced him to break away from the boy side of the store and tried to make our way back to the girl side fighting shoppers and their carts. Once again Mitch’s attention was drawn to a display of stick ball bats. I didn’t even know they made stick ball bats. He suggested that we buy one for each little girl and it could be “survival of the fittest”. I reminded him again that we were dealing with little girls and that the bats were taller than the girls.

After an hour of wandering up and down aisles, we finally came away with hopefully gifts that will get oohed and awed. I had no idea that Christmas shopping could be a full contact sport. Boy do I need a drink.

22 thoughts on “Not for the Faint of Heart

  1. Wow, that sounds intense!! I must say it makes me glad I don’t have any little ones to buy for this year. I can do all my gift shopping in the liquor store! (Which is probably just as scary at this time of year) 🙂

  2. I make it easy for all – I get them to buy something within a given budget and I’ll sign for it. The way I see it – everyone loves to shop when they don’t have to sign the credit card.

  3. LOL I made that mistake Saturday! I found a toddler cottage online made of foam that was clearance marked from $99.99 to $15.00! Having an autistic granddaughter – she loves to be in enclosed places so rather than chasing her out from behind the drapes or pulling her by the feet out from under a bed – I HAD to get this. It wasn’t available online so I called the Barry Road Store – they didn’t have any but the Independence Store had only 2 left. I called and they wouldn’t hold one so I ran out there around 2pm on Saturday. What a madhouse! I finally got one of the employees to help me – they had to get it from the “back”.

    Even though I knew exactly what I wanted and even had the item # – by the time I was on my way back home 2 hours had elapsed. I really prefer shopping online and letting them ship it to me – unfortunately that wasn’t an option this time. I sure hope she enjoys her new house! It is so big that I am considering getting rid of her baby bed and letting her sleep in a big bed just to ease up space in that bedroom. She’s already in a toddler bed at her house. Myself I like the security of her being a bit “confined” in case she wakes up during the night. I’m afraid she’ll be trying to pull the house in bed with her – she did that with a nylon “castle” we had last summer – and . . . was successful a few times. That just became too dangerous as the “castle” had some thin aluminum rods holding the sides up.

      1. I wouldn’t know what to do with a girly-girl. Have you seen Goldiblox? I wanted to get that for my 3.5 yr old niece, but finances wouldn’t permit. Goldiblox are pink n purple animal/girl toys…that teach engineering 🙂

      2. We found it was cheaper via the brand website – they recently had a big viral video hit and now the amazonians are jacking up the price. The company was just about kick starter level 2 years ago when I first heard of it, but my niece was way too young then!

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