Snow Dogs

What is it about snow that makes a seven year old dog think he is a one year old puppy again? We had about two inches of snow the other night, but the streets had been cleared making it easy to walk the dogs. I took the dogs on a walk and both acted like perfect gentlemen as we left the house and walked down the street. All three of us were on the lookout for deer or other wild animals in the dark. Charlie and Orso, because they want to chase something anything, me, because I don’t walk to get my arms ripped out of their sockets or knocked off my feet and slammed to the pavement left to freeze in the dark. I know, pretty selfish on my part, but I’m the one with the house key.

Everything was nice and peaceful, a great walk all the way to the dam. On the way back I spotted three deer standing in a yard up on the hill, but lucky for me the wind was blowing the other direction so the dogs didn’t pick up their scent. We walked past them, with the dogs oblivious and the deer stood very still waiting for us to get beyond them. Both dogs sniffed and peed on just about everything they could all the way back.

Just as we got back to our driveway, which hadn’t been shoveled yet, Orso decided that he was twelve months old again and spun around in a circle and jumped at Charlie for a full on tag team match, leaving me on the ground with my feet sticking out in front of me. Luckily I went down on my rear end and not on my face or we would have had dog stew for dinner. Orso turned around looking a bit contrite, not too contrite but a little and when he realized I wasn’t dead he turned back to Charlie for a snow romp. I let go of the leash too late to save myself but in time to not get dragged into a chest bumping dog wrestling match.

It took me ten minutes to get them back under control and into the house. It seems Charlie can still act like a puppy too when the mood strikes him.

13 thoughts on “Snow Dogs

  1. Dammit! I’m glad you didn’t go face-first, as that would have been HORRIBLE. I bet your tush is sore, though! Silly dogs, don’t they know momma isn’t ready for that sort of rough housing yet?!?

      1. I used to work in an electronics place, and they had giant rolls of pink anti-static bubblewrap. I hate pink, but I really really wanted a suit made out of it, because I’m a clumsy git 🙂

  2. Dogs, it seems to me, live so much in the NOW that times such as these have to be expected, as they get caught up in the moment, and have no concept of being old, or young…. We, with our big brains, get caught daydreaming, and end up on our asses when they get a wild impulse, prompted by snow and other dogs… Maybe you could wear a bustle?… To cushion the fall?…. 😆 At least they didn’t drag you through the two inches of snow to go after the deer herd….

      1. That might work… a bustle was just a small pillow sewed on the back of the dress, so, the principle seems sound…. 😉

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