Another Play Day and Everyone Survived

We had another play day with Eddie and bonus everyone survived.

IMG_3839 (1280x853)
Eddie waiting as patiently as a puppy can

IMG_3842 (1280x853)
See how handsome I am

IMG_3849 (1280x853)
Eddie encouraging Orso to play

IMG_3853 (1280x853)
Eddie and Orso

IMG_3877 (1280x853)
I have the drop

IMG_3892 (1280x853)
Orso giving Eddie the look

IMG_3901 (1280x853)
I’m a tired puppy

IMG_3906 (1280x853)
This is the best tasting water ever

8 thoughts on “Another Play Day and Everyone Survived

    1. Eddie is very handsome, also a big puppy, he’s a Belgian Malionis. That our friends rescued from a shelter. He barks nonstop which is a Mali trait.

  1. I LOVE the Orso look! Dogs say so much without even speaking. Maybe we should take a lesson away from that! lol And Eddie is adorable personified (dogified)!

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